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Jupon 163 - anyone selling one?

Hi Ladies,

I'm after a Jupon 163 petticoat - is anyone selling one at the mo or selling one after their wedding? Ta very much image x

email: [email protected]


  • Mi-LiMi-Li Posts: 71
    Did you get a response? it seems to be the most popular?!
  • Mrs RobertsMrs Roberts Posts: 435
    I didn't image

    I got a response from a bride to be selling one in december after her wedding, but I'm keen to get one now as I just bought a dress of eBay image

    So... I'm still looking if anyone's selling! Gem x
  • Mi-LiMi-Li Posts: 71
    who was the dec bride? i'm not getting married till june next year. I'll be happy to wait till the last 6mths!
  • LubyLou25LubyLou25 Posts: 2

    Hi I'm looking for Jupon 163 pre-owned. Can anyone help? Thanks


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