£100 off voucher for ernest jones

Hi ladies

We bought our wedding rings today, yeah! Another thing to tick off the list!

Anyway we were given a voucher for £100 off when you spend £300 or more in Ernest Jones between 13th august and 25 September. Can be used in store or online.

This is no use to us as we now have our rings and I don't have a spare £300 for anything else! Thought one of you lovely ladies may want it for your rings.

Message me if any one wants it and I ll post it to you next week. X


  • Lisar1980Lisar1980 Posts: 382
    Voucher has been taken now thanks x
  • i always miss out!! haha, dont suppose you know what the minimum spend is to get a voucher?? its my birthday coming up and could ask for a charm then hope for a voucher with it as we've picked our rings from Ernest Jones..Many thanks image

  • Lisar1980Lisar1980 Posts: 382
    Hi jodie. Sorry about that! I think min spend is 100 so not really worth buying to get one x
  • I recently bought two beautifull rings, mine and my partners from Ernest Jones. I am currently scraping the last funds together to pay for a very expensive wedding album. I have two of these £100 vouchers if you spend £300 or more and plus you can get a 10% discount at the moment if you ask on wedding rings. If you do this in two seperate transactions, i.e your brides wedding ring and use one voucher, you can then use the other for the grooms..getting in total £200 off. I would love to give these away but would at the same time be more than happy to sell these for £25 each voucher to put towards my wedding album. It would give you a free £150 off rings. If you would like to email me if your interested please email me on [email protected] asap. These vouchers are valid from 13th Aug to 25th Sept. Thanks xx
  • how do you know about the 10% off, i cant find any info on it..can it be used in conjuction with the £100 off???x
  • JoeyClareJoeyClare Posts: 2,737
    I have one of these vouchers as me and H2B are going wedding ring shopping in a few weeks. The voucher can only be used on full price items and not in conjunction with any other discounts/offers.

    I actually bought my voucher from eBay for £5 as me and H2B have seen quite a few rings we like from Ernest Jones. This will still save us £95 image
  • stan1963stan1963 Posts: 309 New bride
    I have one from my hubbys ring if anyone would like it xx image
  • stan1963stan1963 Posts: 309 New bride
    Voucher has gone now. xx image
  • It is full priced items but the lady did definately give us 10% aswell. You would have to check that. Everyone is selling them for dif prices, but mine are £25 each as I need this to put toward our wedding album. I have not the fortune circumstances that anyone else is contributing to my wedding. I need to raise as much funds as I can...hence selling this voucher. It will in turn still save you £75 pound. I am putting these on ebay. The cheapest is £25 selling price to my knowledge so I started at the lowest figure. If you get the 10% off too its a bonus but do not bank on that. I believe every person/store will say dif things. These are ligit vouchers and can be posted to arrvive within 3 working days image x
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