For Sale From 5th Nov....Vintage inspired wedding items, Jenny Packham etc.....

Hi Ladies,

Well my wedding is fast approaching and after almost two years of planning and accumulating lots of gorgeous things for it, I am mega excited for the day.

I would however like to let some brides know that I will be putting lots of gorgeous items up for sale after my wedding on Bonfire night...

I will be selling my gorgeous Jenny Packham Eloise wedding dress in a size 12...I love it but it was very expensive £2200 and I would love another bride to be able to wear it...I will be looking for offers around £1000 and would make sure it was dry cleaned and boxed nicely.

I will be selling my chapel length pale ivory single teir wedding veil too...offers around £40 as this cost about £100. In box.

Other bits and bobs will include painted wooden signs such as 'Cake' 'Love' 'Sweet' 'Thanks' and 'wish'... all are painted in either pale pink or cream.

Also will be selling my sweetie table items such as lace bunting, 5x scoops, 2 x tongs, all the cut glass vintage bowls and some ABSOLUTELY AMAZING AND UNIQUE VINTAGE BON BON DISHES!!!!!

Will be selling some like crystal decorations that I used on my WISH Tree, a picnic basket that I used for my cards, a mini picnic bacsket that I used for confetti and another for the wish tree tags, ornate frames, old pearl necklaces, rose garland,lots of little cut glass vases and dishes that i simply either put a candle in or a rose head.

Also I will be selling lots of odds and sods from when I made my invites, like pink bows, crystals, stick on pearls, lace, a ribbon punch, pearlised envolopes and all sorts...

I just wanted to give you a heads up really ladies...

if anyone is interested and would like me to email them pics once the wedding day has been then just add your email below.



  • Hi, I'd be interested in the glass bowls, bon bon dishes, old pearl necklaces and the little dishes. Best of luck for your wedding, sounds lovely! [email protected]
  • kate2702xkate2702x Posts: 175
    Hi Law4rer

    I am interested in lots of your items!!!

    Wooden Signs

    Picnic Baskets


    Rose Garland

    Please can I have pics and let me know how much (im in Stevenage, if you are near I am happy to collect)?

    My email is [email protected]

    I hope it all goes well on 5th!!

    Kate xx
  • Rhi001Rhi001 Posts: 22

    Hope all goes well for your wedding image

    I would be very interested in:

    pearl necklaces

    the signs (cake, love & thanks)

    the lace bunting

    Vintage glass bowls and bon bon dishes

    Stick on pearls/lace/ribbon punch.....

    Thankyou, please do let me know prices and photos once you are ready to sell to [email protected]

    Thanks image
  • Aother one that would be very interested as well in alot of it

    Can you email me please on [email protected] & put prices of what you want

    Many thanka
  • ornate frames, old pearl necklaces, rose garland,lots of little cut glass vases.

    It's [email protected]

    Have an amazing day xx
  • Hi, I would be interested in the bits and bobs, the card making items and the sweet table items image Where are you based?

    Hope the wedding is amazing and look forward to hearing from u


    [email protected]
  • MrsYoungMrsYoung Posts: 404
    Hi I would like the lace Bunting please [email protected]
  • MrsFaulkyMrsFaulky Posts: 6,671
    Hi Law4rer, I would also be interested in a few items. Can you please send pics and prices to [email protected]

    Rose Garland

    Ornate Frames


    Card making accessories (especially the ribbon punch and pearls)

    Many thanks

    Hope you have a fnatastic day!
  • Im intrested in everything lol

    [email protected]

    Have a great day image xxx
  • I'm interested in buying the signs from you - can you email pics to [email protected]?


  • Hey Good luck with the big day!!!

    I would be interested in the following

    sweetie table items such as lace bunting, 5x scoops, 2 x tongs, all the cut glass vintage bowls and some ABSOLUTELY AMAZING AND UNIQUE VINTAGE BON BON DISHES

    and also the pearl necklace.

    Please email me the pics to

    [email protected]


    Thanks Tania x
  • Hi

    Can you email me pics of everything available

    [email protected]


  • Hi

    I'd be interested in the veil. My email is

    [email protected]
  • alanna88alanna88 Posts: 164
    Hi, I would be interested in the signs, tongs and scoops.

    [email protected]

    Best wishes on your wedding day.

    Alanna xox
  • Hi I'm also interested in the sweety table items5x scoops, 2 x tongs, all the cut glass vintage bowls and some ABSOLUTELY AMAZING AND UNIQUE VINTAGE BON BON DISHES plus the ornate frames.

    email is [email protected]


  • law4rerlaw4rer Posts: 83
    Thanks ladies for all getting in touch. I will send emails out the week after the wedding (after 5th Nov) with pics and prices etc inc postGE or details of collection etc.

    Just so you know...Im gonna keep my prices low cus I appreciate how expensive weddings can be so want to help out some other brides ( I will reveal all my bargain secrets too if you loads!!!!) so keep an eye out for your emails as items may go quickly.

    thanks again ladies xxx
  • Hi image, please can i have pics of the signs and the veil, [email protected]


  • Hi could i please have pics of the bunting and the picnic baskets .


    [email protected]
  • law4rerlaw4rer Posts: 83
    Will send all pics asap after the 5th Nov ladies xxx
  • I'm interested in the 'thanks' wooden sign please. Can you email me photos/prices, [email protected] Have an amazing wedding day!
  • law4rerlaw4rer Posts: 83
    Thanks, will send pics asap after the 5th...also forgot to mention I have things like a back necklace, garter, broches, large ornate frame, sweet bags, 9 x pale pink ties for men, a few tea cups and saucers, some pearl/wire heart decorations and 10x handmade ribbon and tulle pew ends that will also be up for sale. so keep your eye out for my post after the 5th nov image xxxxxx
  • Hi,

    Lots of fab sounding stuff! Please could you send me through pics.

    [email protected]

    Interested in the painted wooden signs, the sweetie table items, decorations for wish tree,picnic baskets, frames and pearl necklaces,

    Have a lovely day!

    S xx
  • Hello

    I am interested in your veil and i would love to see the photo.

    [email protected]

    Thank you image
  • Hi,

    I'd be interested in the back necklace and large ornate frame.

    my email is [email protected]

    Have a lovely day! X
  • Hi there

    Please can you send the following pics to [email protected] please?

    Our tastes sound VERY similar!

    painted wooden signs


    crystal decorations

    ornate frames,

    old pearl necklaces,

    rose garland......desperate for!!

    Thanks so much

  • Hiya, I'm interested in seeing all except the dress and veil. My email is [email protected]

    Good luck with your wedding! X
  • Hi

    How exciting! Just booked my wedding for July next year and have not a clue where to start. Please can you forward pictures of all your items to [email protected]

    Thank you and all the best on your wedding day.
  • Hi

    Please can you send me photos of the following after your wedding image

    Lace bunting, 5x scoops, 2 x tongs, all the cut glass vintage bowls AND UNIQUE VINTAGE BON BON DISHES, the wooden signs, The bits and bobs you used for your invites, the pearl/wire heart decorations and the handmade pew ends.

    My email address is [email protected]

    Hope you have a fantastic wedding!!
  • hi please could you send me pictures of all your sweetie table items and signs thankyou [email protected] hope your wedding day is fab image
  • suze14suze14 Posts: 10
    PLEASE can i have pictures and price list sent to me at [email protected] Your wedding sounds amazing. I still have quite a bit to get for my wedding in May and am seriously interested in the following:

    Lace bunting

    Bob Bon dishes

    Picnic Basket

    Ornate frames

    old pearl necklaces

    Rose garland

    Cut glass



    Thanks so much, will look forward to next week and hope you have a great day image
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