Wanted - Anyone willing to Photograph my wedding for free! - New Forest, Hants

Hi there

I am looking for a student or anyone who is looking to build up their portfolio who would be willing to come and photograph my wedding for free. I could perhaps cover travel costs dependent on how much! 

The wedding is on Saturday 5th January 2013. Ceremony is in Brokenhurst and Wedding Breakfast is in New Milton. 

I'm having only 13 guests so its a small intimate wedding but still a beautiful traditional day. 

If you think you can help me please do get in touch. 


Cat xxx


  • oh2bmrsjoh2bmrsj Posts: 570

    hiya , have you thought of approaching your local college they may have photography students who would be willing to help


    good luck

  • Thank you hun. I live in Winchester and we have Winchester School of Art just near my house. I will see if I can pop in and speak to someone there I think. I wasn't sure though if the students will all have gone home for Xmas break and not be back yet. But its worth a shot. 


    Thanks! x 

  • oh2bmrsjoh2bmrsj Posts: 570

    they still may be willing to do it for you even though its the hols , they probably need 'real life situations ' - when you go sell it to them , you are offering the students a wonderful oportunity to get some hands on experience ! obviously they will be able to use your photos for their portfolio and may go towards their final marks !


    good luck and i hope you get sorted , we are having a very informal wedding with 19 of us in total - no photographer but have asked the guests to bring their cameras and we are giving them a memory stick to transfere them on to for us image

  • MrsF2b2MrsF2b2 Posts: 831
    I used to live round there image

    Try the camera clubs too, there is a new forest one and I think one in lymington, probably others. Not so much in it for them as for a student but you might find some kind hearted enthusiast who would do it just for the fun of it! Some of them are very, good and have all the top quality kit.
  • try modelmayhem.com ! you can post on there wall saying that you need a photographer, that its for a wedding and then you can see all their work aswell image

    these are proffessionals who are mostly looking to update their books! i use it all the time for when i need to update my modelling portfolio x

  • Hi I am a photographer part time and have shot a good handful of weddings...

    I started off charging a couple of hundred pounds a wedding and over this year have gone up to ??750

    January is definitely a quiet month and I still need to get my portfolio together so I would consider photographing a wedding for just the cost to me.

    I am currently free on that date...

    It wouldnt cost too much to travel in my car from Hastings...and for a bite to eat!

    Get in touch if you are still looking image

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