Wedding Goodies for Sale.

You can message me with your offers - unless it has a price next to it. 
You must be prepared to pay via paypal and UK postage only 

1 Pair of size 8 Paradox ‘Beauty’ Wedding Shoes They are the same ones as these. They actually look better on I liked them becuase of the low heel I didn’t wear them in the end so they are brand new.


My wedding umbrella


Five Jade Green Cravats and Pocket Squares 
The pocket Squares look a slightly different shade of green but only I could tell


Five Jade Green Puff Ties and 1 Childs one  We didn’t use them we used the cravats instead


24 Individual Cartons of Biodegradable Wedding Confetti
The Groomsmen forgot to hand them out (lol)


120 Ivory self printable placecards (They have a little gold butterfly in the middle)


15 Ivory Rose Hair Pins – I didn’t use them (£4 includes postage)


Two Wedding Guestbooks the bow has come off the blue one but it can easily glue back on


Two of those Ribbons that go on the front of the car (£4 includes postage) no photo

Garter still in packet (£3 includes postage)) 



A pack of wedding invitation cards (I think there are 9 inside)



  • image


    I also have these left over from making my card box flowers and greenery

    These are free as it seems such a waste to throw away. Just pay postage. 


  • How much do you want for the umbrella?
  • £20 including postage 

  • Hi how many roses do you have left thanks xx
  • MrsH2013MrsH2013 Posts: 842

    How much for the pocket squares inc p+p? x

  • I only have those three roses in the photo and the green stems.

    the pocket sqaures are £15 including postage there are 5 of them.


  • Hiya, how much are you looking for for the confetti and what colour is it?

  • £5 for the confetti but I dont know how much it will be to post, I think its ivory and gold but I can check


    ALL prices are negotiable you happy for anyone to email me offers.


  • Hi how much for the place cards thanks image xx
  • HI Cassielou £5+postage

  • Hello, do you still have the cravats and the ties? How much would you want for them all?

    Thanks x
  • Mrs BoundsMrs Bounds Posts: 1,311

    hi is the confetti still available, do u know how much it would be to post? where are you to collect from?



  • toriaaxtoriaax Posts: 237


    is the confetti still available? if so how much do you want for it & how much would postage to glasgow be? [email protected]



    victoria x

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