Teacups and bunting for sale!

Dear tea lovers,

Our rustic country wedding was in a peak district barn this July. We had a lovely afternoon tea, and I now have about 80 teacup trios (cups, saucer, sideplate) for sale. Most of these are matching trios (and some are in sets for 4-6 people), but I have about 20 or so which are in complementary colours within the trio. (£3 per trio, but discounts for bulk buy!)

We also have a lot of bunting for sale (homemade by my mum). Its mostly one-sided in approx. 15m lengths, but I have some double-sided lengths too. (approx £20 per length). More info on request.

I am in Sheffield if you want to collect, or can look into delivery costs.






  • Hello Fellow tea lover!

    I think ive read one your threads about your barn wedding before, have you sold any of the trio's yet?


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    Hello Mrs W

     Lovely wedding- congratulations!

    I've been 'desperately seeking china' for my wedding in August... How much for all 80 of your trios??

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    I am interested in your bunting - the lady supplying ours has sadly closed her business due to bereavement ....how much do you have and what is the price please?  thank you!

  • Hi, I am very interested in bunting and trio sets, how much for job lot? Beautiful pics of your wedding!
  • Hi, I'm interested in your china too - how much would you want for the 80 trios? x

  • Thirdthing2Thirdthing2 Posts: 1,288

    Heloo again - is the bunting still for sale? thans x

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    Hi ladies

    I haven't sold anything yet, but if you would like to buy all 80 trios, then its probably best to PM me with an offer, and include whether you would either collect from Sheffield or pay for delivery. I am going on holiday next Thursday, so I would be keen to sell before that!

    I also have 10x 3-tier cake stands which are white with red poppies on them. I can sell these for around £5 each or nearest offer.

    Bunting - I have asked my mum to check our measurements again! I think I have 6x 15flags, and 5x 20flags. Hope for an update on this by the end of the day! If you are interested please PM me with how much you would need etc.


  • Hi what is your email address? Thanks x
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    I have PMd you but am a little confused about the length of bunting you have!  Do you mean six lots of bunting with 15 flags per 'string' and 5 lots of bunting with 20 flags per string?

    Will keep my eyes peeled for your next post - could you also say how big the flags are individually to give a better idea?

    thanks very much - still very interested

    Thirdthing x

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    Bunting update - I have 4x 20foot single sided length, and 10x 15foot double sided lengths. They work out at about the flags are about 6inches across and then about a 6inch gap, so 1 foot is one flag, and one gap. There is some length at the end of each for tying on.

    They were made by cutting with pinking shears, and the double sided ones are sewn together without a hem.

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    Thanks for the reply Mrs W - I;m still interested!  how much are you asking for each length, please? x

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    Thanks Mrs W for your patience - checking our budget I won't be able to buy any from you - sorry - it looks gorgeous but I only have available what we put aside for the hire - our lady has shut her business down due to bereavement which is why I have been looking.

    Your bunting looks fab though and i ams ure someone will snap it up soon! xxxx

  • Mrs WMrs W Posts: 5

    I have now sold all of my teacups. Thanks for the interest.


  • Hello Mrs W,

    I would be interesting by the bunting - can you please let me know the prices?

    Many thanks,


  • Hi, sorry I haven't been in touch since I emailed you last, is your bunting still available?
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    If you still have any bunting after the ladies above I would be interested in prices

  • Hello Mrs W,

    I would be interested in buying all of your bunting for my wedding in Shropshire in May. Please could you email me a cost if all still available.

    [email protected]

    Thanks and Merry Christmas

    Catherine image
  • is the bunting still available?

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