FOR SALE: Selection of Odds & Sods from our Wedding :)

Hi there,

I have already posted a few things in separate posts, this is just a thread for what I have left! Most things can be posted, however if you prefer any items can be collected from Luton/Bedfordshire area, just let me know image


1. 2 x bridesmaid clip charms, £2 incl. P&P. Double sided, says same on front and back.


 2. *** SOLD*** 9 x Artificial Ivy garlands, approx 6ft long. We used these to decorate arches and window sills. Would prefer these to be collected as they'll be a bugger to post, depends if you want to buy the whole lot or just a couple. £2 each, could do deal for whole lot but would depend on delivery, contact for details if interested!


 3. Unusual 'hugging' pink and orange ceramic Salt & Pepper shakers, £5 incl. P&P







    4. 11 x Cerise / Hot Pink Organza bags, think they are 7x9cm. £2 incl. P&P.

    I am sure I have a load more of these but just can't seem to find them, I'll update details if so.


    5. Two-tone shimmer organza fabric - Cerise & Gold, although we thought it looked perfect for Pink & Orange image Worul like £25 including P&P.

    I bought this at £2.50p/m and bought 25m from (, so paid £62.50 in total! We used this for swags on the tables, and it is now cut into 3 pieces (2 longer lengths, one shorter). I haven't measured this but I am sure there was still some left on the roll but I don't know where that is, I would guess I have approx 20m for sale - If you want me to measure it accurately just let me know, and obviously I would adjust price if there is less than 20m.


     And an example of our sweet table to show how we used it:



  • 6. 38 After Shock plastic shot glasses, neon orange/pink type colour and 38 plain neon plastic shot glasses, £5 incl P&P for the lot.


     7. 3 x Plastic serving jugs, 2.5l. £6.50 each incl P&P

    We used these to serve Pimms.


  • 8.  *** NOW SOLD*** Wooden MDF cut-out letters spelling CAKE and wooden heart, approx 11cm tall. £10 incl P&P. *** NOW SOLD***

    They are freestanding, however we laid them down in front of our cake stand:


    I painted them pink & orange but they can be painted over to suit your wedding colours.


    9. Assorted pink, orange & white balloons. £2 incl P&P.

    24 orange, 5 pink and 3 white. Bought in packs of 8 for £1.99 each.



  • 10. Artificial gerberas, 6 pink and 4 orange. £5 incl P&P.

     11. Brand New in Box Candy Grabber, £15 (would prefer collection, however I can find out cost of P&P if necessary)

    We bought this for our sweet table but in the end we didn't include it.

     12. Accessorize Sage Green Clutch Bag with diamante flower and chain, £5 incl P&P.

    Used a couple of times, it has a couple of small scuffs where the satin has caught but it's a lovely bag and an unusual colour. My Mum used it with her MOB outfit.


  • Hi, is there any possibility of posting the ivy?
  • Smiley1 wrote (see)
    Hi, is there any possibility of posting the ivy?

    I've PM'd you x

  • Smiley1 wrote (see)
    Hi, is there any possibility of posting the ivy?

    To post the ivy it needs to be sent in two packages as it's too big otherwise. Total cost to post within the UK is approximately £6.50. Hope this helps image

  • Batgirl3013 wrote (see)
    Could I take the cake letters and heart please x

    I've PM'd you with my PayPal email image x


  • MooseMoose Posts: 28

    Hi I would take all of the ivy if you still have it? x

  • Moose wrote (see)

    Hi I would take all of the ivy if you still have it?  x

    I've PM'd you with details image x

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    image Items still available! image

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