Would you buy these?

Hi ladies

I'm after a little bit of advice if at all possible; I have my own little shop on the Folksy.com website ( http://hellomygem.folksy.com) where I sell quirky wedding accessories, something a little bit different to the norm.

I'd like to start branching out a little bit, and wondered what people thought of (and whether they'd buy!) these?

Your thoughts and comments would be gratefully appreciated!

Thanks, Hayley x




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  • MrsPugMrsPug Posts: 626

    They look very nicely made. Personally I wouldn't buy as they don't fit my wedding theme at all but I can't see how a lady whose theme was appropriate wouldn't want them!

  • I think they're a great idea and they look great. Have you thought of hiring them out instead? I am having a problem with deciding what to do with all the decorations I want for my wedding because I can't keep everything and really need to hire everything instead. The problem is hiring stuff is also very expensive. Ah weddings ... lol



  • Thank you for your thoughts - it's really appreciated!

    Tazz - I was just thinking of selling the signs without the frames, to keep the cost of them down - probably around the £3 or £4 mark.  The signs themselves are printed on lovely A4 thick kraft card, and would look lovely in a vintage-y frame or on an easel.

    I know what you mean about the cost of things, that's how i started out making these things, because my husband put his foot down on over spending for our own wedding!


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