anyone selling sweet scopps/bags or a memory table sign??

anyone selling sweet scoops/stripy bags and a memory sign??


  • Hi emmie_lou, I have just listed bits from my sweet table for sale, £25.00 for 17 jars, 3 scoops, 2 tongs and approx 100 navy blue and white striped paper bags, along with a love is sweet sign and a diamonte frame with poem, dont know if this is any good for you?

  • ok thanks i need scoops and tongs....

  • Hi emmie_lou, I have 10 silver scoops and a batch of purple and white striped candy bags. I could sell them for £15?


    Best wishes



  • Hi Emmie,

    I got mine from Amazon, the Rink Drink do a sweetie wedding kit which I thought was quite good value, it's ??19.99 for 10 scoops, 5 tongs and 100 pink candy stripe bags image
  • wooo fab i need pink striped bags Lauren

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