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Desperately seeking 'when i saw you i fell in love' canvas/print

Hi all.

I have  seen this lovely print in next, and love the idea of having it behind our top table, but it is £60, and our funds are rapidly drying up.

I cant find a second hand one anywhere online. Anybody know whether it is possible to get something like this made up on a budget?

Thanks in advance, Emily.


  • SophytbSophytb Posts: 15

    try looking on Etsy or ebay as seen several things about like this.

    Hope you find it or perhaps put it on your wedding list x

  • When is your wedding?

    If its not just yet this sort of thing tends to pop up in the sale x

  • LollybearLollybear Posts: 548

    They have something very similar in next at the moment 

  • image

    I found this in Next but it is canvas and I added gold sparkle for my dec 2013 wedding, what's your location? 

  • mrs h2b that is lovely if emily is interesterd in your canvas then great but i would be if not , or after emily i would buy it from her as wedding is not until may 2015

    thanks hope you dont think me to cheeky

  • Have a look at They do all sorts of different canvas prints and you can personalise them and have different sizes etc. Good luck! Xx 

  • I am in Essex. Wherea re you? X

  • im in essex near colchester

  • would you be willing to post mrs h2b?

  • Hi Emily , if you message me at Sparkilicious & Co on facebook i could show you one i have made in a heart shape? Thanks Sam

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