Vintage china including tea cup trios for sale

Hi everyone 

our wedding day has been and gone and  I'm going to be posting various bits and bobs over the next few days. 

We have a selection of vintage china which we are looking to sell on. I still need to

count things up but I believe we have enough trios for around 50 as well as a few tea pots, milk jugs and sugar bowls. 

would anyone be interested in these? 

katie x 


  • bumbeebumbee Posts: 41

    hi Jelly teddy aww congratulations your now a Mrs eek can't wait for my big day 3rd October 2014! I'm interested  in all your china things how much are you wanting and what is there?  x

  • Vicki009Vicki009 Posts: 173

    Hi Katie, if bumbee doesn't take it all, I'm especially interested in any teapots you have! Vicki x

  • Hi ladies 

    I have sent you a pm Bumbee with the details. 

    vicki009, I will let you know if it's still going as soon as I can image 

    after counting again  I actually have in total enough china for 37 full sets with a few extra bits (Some of my china was broken in storage) 

    Im open to offers image 

    DKatie x 


  • bumbeebumbee Posts: 41

    hey Jelly teddy I've pm you back x

  • RachykinsRachykins Posts: 3

    Hi is it possible to post some pics pls? I am looking for china for my wedding on 18th Oct 2014, bumbee where are you based? Perhaps I could buy it from you? X

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