Petals for sale - brand new, not used - confetti or table decorations

Hi, I have some un-used petals for sale. Bought them for the wedding and just didn't need them - had gone rather overboard!

Collection from Claygate, Surrey / Waterloo, Vauxhall or Wimbledon stations by arrangement / possible collection from Leeds station too. Would really rather not post but for bulk buy/decent price I might!


One 1kg bag of dried lavender. Bought too much. Approx 300g filled 100 little bags for confetti. Will only sell as one sealed bag I'm afraid. Smells absolutely beautiful. £15 


Approx 100 navy faux silk large rose petals - too many in a bag to count! They look quite real, I was very impressed, I just didn't have anywhere left to use them! £4





Approx 300, poss more white faux silk large rose petals - too many to count but still in their little blocks so need separating. £6












  • Preserved rose petals from Bought in November and not used as had enough decorations. The website says they last 1-3 years in the dark, and these have been in their original packaging (i.e. in the dark) since they arrived. They look absolutely fine.

    2 x 2litre boxes of medium sized blue petals. 'Normal' rose petal sized i'd say, was going to use as confetti.



    2x 2 litre boxes of larger navy petals. Huge petals, almost black on the back, velvety look, very nice. I was going to sprinkle on tables.


    This is both of them next to each other for size comparison. The larger ones are quite a bit darker. All boxes were unopened until I took these out today for photos. Will re-seal.

    Would ideally like £15 per box but will do a deal for all 4. Happy shopping! image





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