So much LOVE for weddings!

Hi everyone!

I'm less than 4 months away from my big day and I'm buzzing about it! Wedding planning has certainly sent me a little crazy though and one of the crazy things I did was to buy my very own giant light up LOVE letters! (Most people hire them but not me, I've gone all out :S)

I didn't think about storage or the fact that I only had a small car for transport! But luckily it's all worked out and they're absolutely brilliant! 

I'm spreading the love and hiring them out around Brighton & Hove, and Sussex/Surrey-type areas. Only £199 including delivery and collection, and they're a real spectacle and WOW factor standing at 5 ft tall!

If anyone's interested and getting married in the area give me a shout! I've got a few last minute slots for 2015 and lots open for 2016. 

Email [email protected] or comment here/send me a message!

Big love! ;) x




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