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colourful mismatched glassware for hire Midlands



We have a collection of about 230 coloured mismatched glasses, water jugs hurricane lamp/candle holders From out Mr wedding in March.

i soon discovered how difficult they were to find and spent a year collecting them and now we are happy for someone else to make use of them.

dont want to sell but happy to hire. Also have lots of other items.


  • This is exactly the loom I'm going for with my glassware. I'm collecting from various sources but was doubting my 'vision'. A Google search came across this post and has restored my Faith!! It does look lovely and so much more me that sophisticated and matchy matchy!! Thank you 😊

  • Hi Nikkit27 

    so happy you like it I was really really happy with how it turned out. It took ages to collect it all but had fun in the process, I used jam/pickle jars for flowers EVERYWHERE I think I used about 120 jars! Get your friends to save them then I just wrapped thick string around them. Hessian on the tables I got a huge roll from a builders merchants for £35. 

    my best finds were charity shops for glassware, no one seemed to want odd numbers of glasses and so cheap, I was getting 5 or 6 glasses less than a couple of pounds which were lots more plus postage on eBay. 

    Good luck with your wedding let me know if you need more info. Nikki x

  • Thank you!! Yeah I'm finding charity shops are the best too. Schpok and ebay are just great (swallowing my money!!) for when im bored on an evening!!  

    I'M totally copying the bottles/jars of flowers too. My bridesmaids a florist and said this is the best way to get the most flowers for as low as cost possible. Wild flowers everywhere!! 

    Hessian runners bought 2nd hand, just going to add some colourful ribbon to them. I'm loving it and I'm not remotely crafty usually!! Haha 

    Your pics make me smile and get excited 😊 x

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