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Hello Lovely Brides and Grooms


I am in the process of starting a new business and would really value some feedback in regards to branding and as my target market is couples tie-ing the knot I thought I would ask if anyone has time to visit my website (this is just a trial site for market research) and fill in a comment in the contact us section.  I'm looking to see if it appeals to you? do you like the name? would it be a brand you trusted? are the prices reasonable? the logo? .  I understand that you are all probably stressed to the max right now planning your big day as this was me last year!! but it will only take 5 minutes of your time and it would be helping me out a lot.


Thanks in advance





  • Hi Molly,

    Congratulations on your new business venture.  Seems like a great idea.  I couldn't work out what the name was at first (from the URL) but once it was split up into words on your site I thought it sounds good.

    Website - even though it is just a trial, there is no harm starting to build the other pages.  I was expecting to see more than just the home page.  As a photographer, what stood out to me was the poor quality of the header photo (it contains a lot of "noise") probably due to being taken in a lower light than the camera can handle.  None of it is in focus, which is a bit odd (even if it was just the writing). Most people wouldn't notice this though, just me being picky!  Lastly, as a prosecco-a-holic, it would put me off the fact that this is a photo of a £6 asda bottle of prosecco.  Again, just my opinion, but I think this cheapens your company.

    Packages - this would be better as a web page rather than a pop out pdf (in my opinion) but they seem reasonable.  Could you make them more concise though so that it is immediately obvious what you get (more or less) compared to other packages.

    Logo - not sure really, don't see anything wrong with it

    Trust - this is earned based on recommendations/impartial reviews but your site doesn't come across as dishonest 

    I haven't seen anything similar to your company before and see it working amazingly well at the very popular barn/tipi/diy wedding venues.  

    All the best - hope it goes well :) x


  • Thank you so much for this I'm still playing with a lot of it and will be getting professionals in to launch my proper website.  The picture is not of my stock as you have said as I don't currently have the means to do this so when I get a photographer in to model my products this should be 1000% better.  I'm still unsure on the name been looking at a few thank you again for taking the time to review this




  • Kitten2014Kitten2014 Posts: 1,489

    I agree with the above post. I think the business idea itself definitely has merit - but the website itself needs quite a bit of work.

    One of the most off-putting elements of the site, for me, was the poorly written copy. No one is going to take you for a high-end service provider when your copy has grammar errors and just isn't well written.  I would also work on eliminating a lot of the "dead" space on your homepage and adding images (or even backgrounds) that make it more visually appealing.  Also make sure you have widgets installed on the homepage for all of your (business) social media.

    Good luck with your venture!

  • Thank you for your review the website is nowhere near done i literally knocked it up in 10 minutes its more the branding, logo and idea of it as a business i was wanting to see what the reaction would be I will be getting a professional to sort out a website and proper logo 

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