Few woodland wedding bits for sale

We have just a few things left from our woodland wedding. All items pick up from Chesterfield.

Big mixed bagful of wedding magazines dated between 2014-2016 but still full of ideas £5 lot.

Wood slices (we used for pizza hot plates) mostly larch, some silver birch, sanded and oiled (food safe, raw lineseed). Some are quite rough cut and 2 or three have writing on one side but work well for placing things on. £3-4 each.image

Log candle holders x 4. Silver birch, hold a T-light candle.




  • Helen225Helen225 Posts: 861 New bride


    Do you know the diameter of the largest log slice please? We're after a big one for a cheese cake. 

  • Hiya, apologises for the delay. The one shown with the cake on is the largest, a 10inch cake fitted on here but it is not a perfect round (wider that 10inches is some places), or perfectly flat (although three teirs balances fine). We have a few that are flatter and rounder but smaller.

    Hope that helps :-)

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  • Hi  would you be able to post the log slices? thanks Jade 

  • Hi Jade,

    Sorry for the delayed reply I didn't get a norification! They really are quite heavy so I think postage would probably cost around £5 per slice (estimation bases on ebay)! Depending on your time frame and location they could alternatively by picked up for Milton Keynes.

    Hope that helps,


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