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Wedding things for sale


small easels - £10


jam jars - £10


Props with sign and other bits like hat and sun glasses - £5


Milk jars - £9


Chalkboard - £10


Two sets of these. 3 for £15 or 6 for £25


Sweet bags - £3


Photoboard - £50 folds in half. includes the props too


  • I love literalily every item here including the bouncy castle!!


    a couple of questions:

    where are you based?

    how many jars/bottles/easel are there?

    whats the silver/blue shape on top of some of the easels?

  • Based in Cheltenham but my husband works all over the country so depending on where you are he may be able to swing by. 

    Jam jars are now sold, but there are 10 milk bottles and 27 easels. The blue on the easels is blue tack :)

  • We live in Wokingham, Berkshire but have a bridesmaid in oxford she's very pregnant otherwise I'd ask her to go to you. Are either of those two useful? 

    does the bluetack come off the easels properly?

    could you give me more detail about the paper photo props how many and what types etc.

    Do the chalk boards stand up by themselves or how did you display them?

    please can I reserve milk bottles?

    Shame about the jam jars there great!


  • Hi Kate, I have sent you a message

  • elsyelsy Posts: 533


    Do you have the dimensions for the crates at all? And any other photos of them?


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