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Selling your wedding dress

Hi Bethany,

I'm the same as you - I'd like to sell it afterwards but it makes me sad. The alternative of all that money sitting in the loft though makes me feel sick and so I'd rather feel sad than sick! None of my friends that have got married recently have sold their dresses, although none said they would and then didn't either. A few of my friends that got married 10 - 12 years ago have all over the past two years taken their dresses to a charity shop which is what made me think of selling it in the first place.

I think my actual dress was about £1200-1300 (I paid for other bits and bobs at the same time) and so I'd like to think I could get half price for it, especially when if I google it, I can only find one other bride wearing it - hopefully this isn't a sign that no one wants it!!


  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride

    Yes, I will sell mine. It's sad to let it go, but in my opinion not as sad as it sitting in the box in an attic going yellow!

    If you do sell, do it as soon as possible. This seasons dress is a lot easier to sell than one 5 years old- wedding dress trends move very fast. Realistically for a used dress I think you are looking at 1/3-1/2 of the value. You may need to go lower. One of my friends tried and failed to sell hers. You have to be lucky to find someone who wants that dress, in that colour, in that size, with those alterations.

    My dress cost £1400 and I'd be very pleased with £500 back. It's not just about the money for me though- I like the thought of it going to someone else who will love it just as much!

  • NikkiMNikkiM Posts: 1,654 New bride

    I paid £1100 for my dress although the others bits that were added brought the price up to £1500. I didn't want it to sit around in my attic collecting dust especially as I knew I could never wear it again so I put it up for sale. It's been up for sale for around 6 weeks now on various different sites and I've had no interest whatsoever. It might take a while to sell as someone has to be looking for that specific dress. However, if it doesn't sell I can't say that I'll be disappointed as I love the dress.

  • Defo sell it sooner rather than later. There was a bride on here a while back who was asking for advice because she wanted to sell her 5-year old dress but it had gone yellow. I don't think anything can be done so effectively it's now worthless. 

    I think Sammykate is right that should expect 1/2 to 1/3. 

    I sold my first wedding dress on eBay, it took about a year to find a buyer. It was custom-made and designed by myself which I think makes it harder as brides are normally searching for a specific designer, or even dress. I paid £800 and sold it for £350 which I was pretty pleased with.

    My current dress is only from ASOS but I think I'll attempt to sell it, but probably for about 1/4 of what I paid. I don't like clutter.

  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride
    Bethany43 wrote (see post):

    sod dunking my kids in a cold bath so some old guy can say some pretend dude likes them now... Not very us.


    Lol!! Loving that as it's pretty much how I would feel about having my kids christened. Also, like heck am I going to cut up a £1500 wedding dress to make a christening gown I can buy for £40 or something.

    Have look at Bridal Reloved- they have a network of lovely boutiques that will sell your dress for you. They take 40% of the selling price, but to be honest I think it would be worth it to maximise your chances of selling and to have someone else do all the leg work for you. I've looked on the facebook for my local store and most dresses seem to be going around a half of the original cost which isn't bad. If you sold via ebay you'd keep all the money but probably have to sell for less!


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