Italian Summer Wedding - Decorations for Sale (Tropical theme decorations too)


 I have 18 beautiful gold candlestick holders and 20 of the petrol blue/green tea light holders. The pictures are from our wedding just a few weeks ago. The candlesticks really made the whole dinner fabulous, particularly after sunset and I would love these to go on to make someone else's wedding reception that little bit more special. We actually love them so much we are keeping a few to decorate our home but sadly we can't keep all of them.

The candlestick holders were only used for about three hours so are in perfect, basically brand new condition and are now kept safe in their original packaging. The tealight holders were actually not used at all, as we had plenty of other tealights within the flowers, they are also in their original packaging.

£9 for candlesticks, £3 for tealight holders


I have two of these gorgeous Jasper Conran gold hinge picture frames available. We used them to put pictures of our Grandparents on the bar but they could easily be used to put bar menus or other creative messages in. Again, we love them so much we are keeping two but looking for a new home for the other two. In excellent condition. £15 each.


Just Married Hat! I absolutely loved this and was perfect for the day after our wedding. Unfortunately, it ended up being far too hot wear in the Tuscan heat. So, it was only worn for about half an hour, max. In great condition - £12



Cool woven basket for ceremony programmes or favours - £10


Lovely white heart hanging decorations, brand new and unused, 9 available - £1.50 each


Cute paper bunting, brand new and unused - £3


Just Married banner, brand new and unused - £6


Photo booth props, unused and unopened - £6


Gorgeous pearl and gem hair clip, brand new, unused - £15


Lovely floral hairpiece, brand new, unused - £10


Totally Tropical sign, brand new, unused - £6

Light up felt flamingo, brand new, unused, batteries only put in this one time for photos - £15

Pink Flamingo fairy lights, brand new and unused -£6


Super stylish moroccan lantern, excellent condition - £20





  • Hi, where are you based? 

    I love the blue tealights holders, would you consider a deal for all of them? 


  • Hi MunchkinEm,

    I am based in East London, do you want to PM me an offer and we can take it from there. Glad you like them, I think they are so lovely!!


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