Wedding decorations - golden, pink and orange

Hello hello! :)


It's finally my turn to sell some of the stuff I have left from my wedding.

It's probably not worth to post any of these, so collection in East London. Happy to bring anything around Liverpool Street Station.

There are 10 small frames, 1 medium and 1 large (table plan). I spray painted them individually (so much work!). The large comes with the "world map fabric" which you can use or replace.

I'm asking £40 for the whole lot of frames or £12 for the large frame, £ 7 for the medium frame and £3 each for the small frames.



I have also these sweet cases that are GORGEOUS and very popular in Brazil. They reeally lift a sweets table up!


I'm asking  70p each or £80 the whole lot. Quantities: 16 orange, 42 dark pink and 72 light pink.


These golden cases are great for fudges. I have 168 of them and I'm asking for 30p each or £40.



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