French and gold wedding items for sale - collection only, SW19 London

Hi there,

This is my second thread as it's for collection only, due to weight of items. Other thread is for portable items :-)

All from our wedding this August.


'Wimbledon Village' crate. Put it on the step so that you can see the depth. We got about 40 confetti cones in here.


'Moet' crate, same size as one above. 


Crate with iron handles 


£2 each
Candle plates for big church candles. Too heavy to post I'm afraid. We have 5 in total.



£4 each lantern
We have 15 of these gold lanterns that we used basically everywhere in our wedding, down the aisle then on the table and also as decorations. Saved us a fortune in flowers! Would like to sell them as a job lot so open to an offer if you take all 15. 



Double sided chalk sandwich board. We have written on both sides so needs a good clean but a really helpful prop for our wedding.



£40 for the lot
We used these padlocks for our guests to sign and lock onto a gate, to recreate a moment from when we got engaged. 


Let me know if you have any questions! 

Vicky :-)




  • Hi. Are your lanterns still available? Many thanks

  • Hi Vicky


    If you are hapoy to accept me arranging a courier i am interested in your chalk board and moet/wimbledon crate 



  • Hi, 

    You don't happen to still have any of this? I am local
  • Hello :)

    If you haven’t sold your SW19 crate then I would love to come and pick it up. My postcode is also SW19 so it would be perfect! Didn’t think to look for a Wimbledon crate.

    Many thanks,

  • Hello, Is the crate still available?
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