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Midlife crisis!!!

Hi everyone, 

Ok so I am mega confused! I have been with my H2B for nearly 9 years and he proposed to me twice "first time was a bit crazy" we have been engaged for around 5 years and he has always been crazy about me.. and I him. We have no children together but I have 1 from my previous relationship and H2B has 2 - We all live together and have done from the children being about 3 or 4. Taking on extra children was very difficult and I was 23 at the time so we spent a long time adjusting and learning to live with each other.

I was happy with a long engagement and wasn't actively planning ... until!! I caught the bouquet at my sister's wedding! Ever since then "around a year and a half ago" I have been wedding crazy! We booked the church and made so many plans and looked around venues, my mum offered to pay for my dress and photographer, we were really getting in to it. The only problem was money. Then everything has ground to a halt! Nothing has been done in the past 9 months. Any big sums of money we have had has gone on anything and everything else. H2B promised to pay for the venue in April and something else came up. I know we did need to sort a few things out but I have had to come last to other financial commitments so many times. Now the wedding is under a year away and we haven't paid for anything! He says that he will pay for the venue in Sept! I get married next Aug.

I'm so down about it all. I have tried to explain to H2B how important this is and he says he knows! I wrote this post because I now worry he won t pay for the venue. I am so bloody stressed. The reason I think he won t is because now when I talk about the wedding and stuff he just half smiles or says one word replys. I get the feeling he isn't thinking about it like I am. I really feel like if he let's me down again I will seriously be 're thinking our relationship. All of my family know we are getting married and I will be gutted if I have to make that call to say that it isn't happening.. or I've been let down. 



  • Also i am 29 he is 38

  • Kelly241Kelly241 Posts: 392 New bride

    I feel your pain!

    My partner and I have been together almost 15 years now got engaged early on in our relationship, looked for venues then all of a sudden he 'changed' was no longer interested etc.  He finally told me that he was 'happy as we are' I was heartbroken!

    Can you have a chat with him and ask if it's still what he wants etc before paying anymore money off etc.

    Venue would only need a deposit?

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