A rant re - my dad!

 OMg my dad is doing my head in!

He just can't pull his finger out and handle the simplest of tasks. 

He lives in Glasgow, I live in the south of England. Not a million miles away. Every time I mention my wedding he acts like I'm putting enormous pressure on him. There's always something else that's more important so he "can't think about that right now". 

He needs to book a room and a direct flight from Glasgow-Gatwick, where we will pick him up. He can't handle any of it. I booked his hotel room for him and told him so and instead of saying thank you, he just said he couldn't think about it because it's his wife's birthday on Friday.

Then he said he can't book his flight because "the logistics of travel" are too much for him.

This is total bullshit. They manage to fly to Italy on Holiday every year. They manage to run a successful music teaching business. But making a small amount of effort for his daughters wedding is too much to ask!

Hes making me feel like a total bridezilla when I am really not wanting much!

He just makes me feel like I am so insignificant to him. Thmet don't want anything disturbing their perfect little life.


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