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Wedding dress shop closing

Just found out that the wedding dress shop my daughter has ordered her dress from is closing down they have said they will still order her dress for November but I'm concerned it won't come and if they close we have no contact can we request refund of deposit we have paid 50% 


  • when are they closing? What does your contract with them say?

  • Did you pay for the dress with a credit card? If you did, you can make an application to your credit card company to refund your deposit. The shop closing down is definitely grounds for getting your money back.

  • Thank you we did pay by credit card we only went to them the week before for first fitting and order then they p post up saying they were shutting in at end of month but emailed all brides to say their orders are safe my daughter did not get email so contacted them they said they had wrong email address but insist we can still have Dress we just want deposit back and find dress elsewhere 

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