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Help! No photos or video of our wedding

morwenna_joymorwenna_joy Posts: 5 New bride
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I’m desperately hoping someone might be able to help. We got married on 30th June 2018. Sadly 6 weeks later our photographer let us know he had deleted all our photos by accident. This was awful but they were irretrievable. Thankfully we also had a separate videographer. Arhip Hodge from The Wedding Film Company. We had good communication from him until September when he stopped replying to email / calls / texts. 
We then had a text response a couple of weeks ago saying he’d respond in full on Monday. Then nothing again. We don’t know how to progress... we’re devastated that we may have lost all formal photos / videos of our day. We don’t care about the money we just want the footage! 
Has anyone else come across Arhip before? We want to understand if he’s a con-man or just lazy? He also had a freelancer drone operator with him in the day but we didnt get his name so can’t track him either. Any advice would be appreciated. It’s so frustrating. Thanks for reading. Morwenna

08/04/19 Update
We have received the raw footage from Arhip, including the drone footage. Hopefully this is reassuring to anyone else who has found this thread that you will receive the footage and films you paid for. It'll just take a bit longer than originally estimated. Thank you to everyone who got in touch


  • HamidHamid Posts: 36 New bride
    So very sorry to hear that :( hope he is just lazy in replying - even though cannot understand why as it is off-peak season.  Would it be worth it turning up at his address to get an update?
  • hellohello Posts: 1 New bride
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    Hello, Morwenna,

    Incredibly sorry to read your post.

  • Hi Morwenna, 

    So very sorry to hear you have lost all your wedding photos.

    We got married on 4th August 2018 and have tried contacting Arhip about our video numerous times since (via email, Facebook messenger and phone) to no avail. We booked him through the wedding film company website.

    As someone else has mentioned, he appeared in court accused of drink driving in September so perhaps that’s why the time scale is the way it is? He may well be looking at a prison sentence for such a serious offence?

    I don’t know if there is any way we can retrieve the footage but as you say, that’s all we want too as we can have someone else edit it into a video for us. 

    Best of luck. Keep us up to date with your progress and we will do the same! 

  • Hi

    I am in the same situation! I got married end July and had an email from him (after chasing him) in September.  He said he would come back to me but that it would take around 16 weeks.  I messaged him last week and got a bounce back email.  I am so disappointed.  As with you all - I just wanted the footage.
    If anyone hears anything please can you let me know.  
    Best of luck.

  • Another thought is if we should go to his address (or the address on the contact) - has anyone tried that?  I don't live close to the address - does anyone else?
  • Hi All,

    I’m in the exact same boat, married on 14th October 2018, last contact was 7th November. His company has been struck off on 18th November and that was the last time he was active on whatsapp with his contact number on the website.

    We went to the property on Tokar Street in Portsmouth, he doesn’t live there and hasn’t done since November 2017, I really don’t know how to move forward, maybe private investigator? But as someone has said before, he is likely facing a prison sentence due to the drink driving. ive called the police and they cannot confirm or deny that it was him. 😔

    If anyone has any luck let us all know!
  • We are the same. We got married August 4th 2017. Initially we were told there would be around a 6 week wait for the video. But 6 weeks came and went and no word from him. After 3 months I decided to chase him up. I was met with several excuses and a promise that the video would be ready soon. Fast forward to now and we still have no video. Contact with Arhip became less and less. He said his mother had died, that he was moving, that he was ill. I tried to be patient and understanding and in June he thanked me for doing so, and promised I would have our video by the end of the month. There was no further contact from him. After both my father and my father in law called him, both very upset and irate at his handling of the situation, he eventually sent some raw footage via email, promising again he'd have our finished film within a month.
    We never heard from him again, despite many attempts to contact him.
    He did have a second videographer with him on the day who we are hoping we can track down so we can get the rest of our footage. Then we will have to find and pay someone to make our video. We are so gutted but grateful that we have managed to recover anything at all.

    I took to searching for him  on Google out of desperation and came across the drink driving story and now this. 
    I think we need to report him to trading standards, as this looks like fraud. I'll update if we make any progress. Good luck to everyone, please let us know if you have any luck sorting things out.
  • Rollkings2010Rollkings2010 Posts: 2 New bride
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  • sempailivvy 462sempailivvy 462 Posts: 3 New bride
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    Rollkings2010 thank you so much for getting in touch, and thank you for your part in filming our wedding. I'm still hoping we will be able to get our hands on the rest of the footage. Arhip needs to be tracked down and held accountable for what he's done. There's no way he can get away with scamming people like this.
  • We got married on the 13th of October.  Paid the total upfront as Arhip insisted.   It's odd that he bothered to come as he had the funds which makes me think he cannot be a complete crook.  We have tried to call, email, even visited his 'house' where he is no longer living.  The tenant said lots of angry couples had visited in hope to get their video. On the wedding day itself he was pouring with sweat and looked very unwell.  The whole thing was odd.  If anyone has any luck/success in contacting him, please add to this forum as it would be great to get a video of the wedding.  Our friends who recommended him got their unedited video a year after their wedding so there may be some hope!??  He must be somewhere with at least unedited footage that he can hand over and we can get someone else to edit it.
  • Can anyone find out if he has gone to jail? The only reason I doubt this is that his court hearing for the drink driving was on 15.09.18 - he arrived and filmed my wedding on 14.10.18 & the lady above's 13.10.18. .. I have as been speaking to another bride online who said he has a court date on 17th January 2019 in Aberdeen Sheriffes court - not sure if this is the same issue or another one! 

    I have emailed him and the email isn't bouncing back which is positive. 

    I have called action fraud and been given a crime reference number, if enough of us do this I am hoping that if he has been sent down there may be a chance of us all having our footage recovered from his most recent residency?

    Keep us all updated with news!

  • imogen.woolgerimogen.woolger Posts: 7 New bride
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    He isn't in jail in Scotland. I have checked.  If he does have to go to jail after 17th Jan then it would be brilliant to have success in contacting him to obtain all the footage before. You'd imagine it would be a relief to get us off his backs. There seems no benefit in him keeping them as we have paid upfront and we don't need him to edit it. 

    Will keep you posted if I have any more news. 
  • Thank you to everyone who has added their stories. Although sad so many people have been impacted. I completely agree it doesn't make sense for him to be a scam artist, as he's turned up and genuinely filmed so many weddings. The footage must be on a hard drive somewhere...
    I still have hope that Arhip will hand over the raw footage to the rightful owners, who can then edit it separately. The common theme seems to be the money is unimportant - the footage is invaluable.
    Please keep the thread updated with any news. Fingers crossed for a good ending eventually. 
  • Dear all,
    I am sorry that you are all waiting for your wedding footage. I am a good friend of Arhip and as you may have read online he has been charged with drunk driving. He does not want to scam any couples or freelancers and has always delivered the video he promised to clients. 

    You have not heard from him as he is currently in prison and will be released beginning of January. I am sure he will be in touch with you all, as he is genuinely a good person. Please contact me, if you have any questions. Again, apologies for all the inconvenience you're going through. 
  • Hi Saskia, 

    Thank you for your help & update, we all greatly appreciate it & we hope all our issues will be resolved on his return.
  • Yes, thank you very much Saskia for getting in touch.  Look forward to hearing from him in January and his release of the videos!
  • Hi Saskiah,

    Thank you so much for replying to the thread. This is the reassurance we needed.
    Really sorry to hear the difficult time Arhip has been through. We'll be in touch in the new year. 
    Thanks again.

  • Hi everyone,
    I am Immie’s friend who regrettably recommended Arhip given the nightmare she has had!
    I just wanted to give a bit of reassuring news that we were married in September 2017 and did, after 5 months, get our video from him (though there are a still a couple of small items outstanding). We only paid half up front which was an incentive worth mentioning, but I also wanted to say that he was very nice and responsive until he ran into personal problems so things have obviously spiralled for him. Cross fingers he will sort himself out and you will all get your videos.
    Best of Luck!
  • Hi all, my wife and I had exactly the same issue. We were married on the 5th May 2018 and received no video. We had good communication until about August and then nothing until the 7th November when he said sorry for the stress and that he would be in touch the next day and we have heard nothing since. I have managed to delay his company being dissolved until July 2019 with companies house. Saskia, your update hopefully sounds promising that all the couples he has let down will potentially receive footage in January. I am not sure how he is going to contact us though when his phone seems to have been cut off. Please keep us updated if anyone hears anything and hope you all get your videos.
  • Thank you for the update Saskiah; we also got married mid July and have been waiting for our video. Reading this thread today has now given me some reassurance that things will hopefully get back on track and communications will commence again in the New Year. We will look forward to hearing from Arhip on his return. 
  • My son and daughter in law got married in January, still no video. Extensive contact up until the summer now all gone quiet. Was told he had personal problems. They are devastated. Not sure what to do now. 
  • Wow...kind of relieved although disappointed to find this thread as I’ve been looking for info online for the last 6 months or so and too had only found the info re his drink driving charge in Scotland. We got married at the beginning of December 2017 and have had a really similar experience to all of you above. Arhip seemed like a really nice, genuine guy and was great with his communications in the lead up to the wedding and on the day. He initially told us 6 weeks until the video and then 12 and then it kept slipping back. He explained about some
    difficult circumstances he was facing and I tried to be as understanding throughout. He was in very irregular contact until the summer - the last email I had was in August when he told me he was completely unable to work (which doesn’t seem to tally with above where it appears he filmed weddings for people in October) but promised to send me the raw footage of our wedding at least. However we still haven’t had anything. I want to believe he is just a guy who has had a rough few months but I struggle to understand why he didn’t at least send us our raw footage in the summer if he was still working until October at least. Saskiaah - thank you very much for coming on here and I really hope you are right and that we will get our footage once Arhip is out of prison. He had the full fee from us up front so has had our money for over a year and we have nothing to show from it but far more important to us is the frustration that we know he has the footage of our wedding and that we are unable to see it. If you can continue to keep us up to date thatbwould be hugely appreciated. Likewise if anyone else hears more please keep us all updated - I’d tried to find out the conclusion of the Scottish court case but had told they couldn’t tell me because of data protection regs so it’s helpful to know he is currently in prison and when he gets out. Hopefully once he is out he will get back in touch with us all and we will get at least our footage.


  • My husband and I had our wedding videoed by Arhip at the end of July, I recently tried to email him with our song choices for the video but my emails kept bouncing back which did worry me initially but I just thought maybe there was a problem with his emails so I sent a message via the Wedding Film Company website instead, which apparently delivered successfully. After getting no response I did a bit more invesigating and came across this thread, I'm shocked at how many others are affected :( Thank you Saskiah, what you have said gives me reassurance that hopefully we will get something, even if it is just raw footage. It's not so much the money that I'm worried about, but like others have said the footage is invaluable and I hate to think we may not get it. 
    If anyone has any contact with Arhip in the new year please update, I will also keep trying but unsure of how to go about it if emails keep bouncing back and his phone number no longer works. 
    Best of luck to you all, hopefully we will all get a positive result in the new year. 

  • Hi everyone, I've just come across this post today after months of stress and frustration and tears at not having received our wedding video from Arhip. My husband and I got married in March 2017 and although there were some delays on our side in sending music choices, it's now been months since we confirmed we were happy with our video and we've not heard anything. Its so upsetting.
    Has anyone heard from Arhip at all? Saskiaah, is there any update on his release date? 
  • Hi everyone, unfortunately we are another couple waiting for our wedding video from Arhip. My husband and I got married in September and whilst it’s nice to hear from a friend of Arhip’s, I am still deeply worried about the delivery of our products given the amount of people he has seemingly not delivered for.

    He didn’t actually turn up for our wedding, instead sub contracting to another supplier who hasnt been paid. The freelancer who shot the footage was brilliant and saved our day. 

    Hopefully we will get some answers at the end of this week if he is released. 
  • Rollkings2010Rollkings2010 Posts: 2 New bride
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    Hi all, I spoke to Arhip last night. His old number has been disconnected, he did say he has every intention of finishing those films he has already shot but has no idea on timescales   To give some timescale perspectives... when you pay relatively cheap by industry standard rates (which Arhips are) waiting anything upto 6 - 8 months would be quite common, and that's after you've sent him your music choices and nothing blowing up like it has done here.
  • Just found this article

    Doesn’t suggest he got jail time? And the above comment saying he has another DD offence? I understand he clearly been having a difficult time but I wish he’d just been honest rather than causing so much distress to so many people. He lied to me over the phone saying he was going to send me my raw footage by the end of the week. I received nothing because he didn’t have it as he hadn’t paid his freelancer. Month later free lancer who shot my wedding gets in touch with venue as he was looking to get in touch with me so he can pass on the footage. Rightly so I paid him what Arhip owed him to get it. I’ve now paid a lot of money just for raw footage. I’m so glad I’ve got that and I’m so sorry for those who don’t. It’s just so upsetting that he not had the guts to be honest with us all from the start and to let things build up. I’ve messaged on the number above but no reply. 

    Does anyone know his current address as I’d like to write a formal letter to him. 
  • C17C17 Posts: 1 New bride
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    My husband and I got married in December 2017 and have had the same experience as everyone else on here, in terms of sporadic contact, and various delays/excuses until Summer 2018 and then silence since.
    However, we do seem to be one of the more fortunate couples as he did send us our raw footage after I sent him a pleading email in August 2018.  I’m not sure if that will offer any comfort to those who are still without their footage, but I thought it might help to know that the footage at least existed, he still had it 8 months on from
    filming it and, from what I have watched, it was of decent quality.
    In honesty, on our first anniversary I finally resigned myself to the fact we had lost the money and would never receive the final film from Arhip/the wedding film company, and so this year we decided it was time to start trying to find another company who might be willing to edit the footage for us (for additional cost of course). But I would like to keep track of this post to see if anyone receives any contact from him in the next few weeks and if he fulfills his contractual obligations with anyone (with providing a final edited film).
    Whilst I’m genuinely sympathetic of someone falling on hard times, I’m afraid the lies, disappointment and stress that so many people have gone through surrounding the most important day of their lives is beginning to outweigh that sympathy.
  • Hello,

    Has anyone had any luck?!

    I had one reply to my text asking for the raw footage from his new number about 4 weeks ago and haven't heard anything since... Hoping others are having more luck and I am just 'in line'!

    Immie x

  • Does anyone have an email address for Arhip?
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