French TV - HELP

Hi everyone, 

I am a French TV journalist working for a news show called « Enquête Exclusive » broadcasted on M6 - one of the major channels in France. Our show has been on air for the past fourteen years.

I am currently working on a a 52 minutes documentary on love and dating in the UK. This I hope would give the French audience the opportunity to discover and understand better the British society and what are the rules and codes of love in the UK. 

For this documentary I would like to film a typically British and chic wedding ceremony. I would like to film the couple during the preparations (gown fitting or venue picking for instance) but also during their big day. 

The idea would be to show that the institution of marriage is still highly respected in the UK and that mariage à l’anglaise still exists with tradition, luxury, elegance and style. 
So I am looking for a traditional and charming British wedding that I could film during spring or summer 2019. 

Our team would consists in one cameraman and myself and we tend to privilege filming in sequence rather than do sitting interviews. We would be as discrete as possible during this very important day and follow you along the day. 
We can offer to edit a film of the camera and drone footage

If you need any details, please do not hesitate to contact me I will be happy to give you more info! 
Alix Pichon 
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