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Important News: Forum Closing on 28th September

We wanted to let you know that will be closing on 28th September. 

What does this mean for you?

You can continue your wedding planning with Hitched, where you’ll find a brand new forum with better features that we think you’ll love.

Head over there today to connect with thousands of other couples who are getting married, ask questions, offer advice and share inspiration or top tips.

You can join multiple groups, post and reply to discussions as well as sending direct private messages to other members in the community.

You’ll not be able to access posts or accounts here after 28 September.

Thank you for being part of the You & Your Wedding forums.

Best wishes

You & Your Wedding


  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 894 New bride
    Oh no! :( 
  • GallaGalla Posts: 124 New bride
    Typical, just as the iPhone login issues are sorted
  • CoffeeDogAddictCoffeeDogAddict Posts: 1,515 New bride
    edited 13 September
    This is so sad! I left the hitched forums because they seem to just be American and there was no space for uk brides at all! 
    Whats the reasoning for it? It's been such a nice space when every other Wedding related place feels so unsupportive.

    Fellow brides/couples, DM me if you fancy setting up a Facebook group or WhatsApp group or something!
  • I'm so sad to hear this, this has been a great place to chat to like minded people and definitely has filled a gap I think because none of the other online forums are quite like this place! :( I also don't think Hitched has a Baby / TTC area? 
  • annipooannipoo Posts: 328 New bride
    I'm gutted this forum's closing. Everyone on here has been really lovely and I've particularly found it helpful in dealing with having to postpone due to covid. I've really found myself quite invested in other people's weddings so really grateful to @CoffeeDogAddict for offering to arrange a chat away from here.
  • Exactly what @omrum said ^^ - there are no other forums out there like this, they all have waaayyy too many users posting constantly so its difficult to form the close knit connections and support that we've got on here. I will miss this place a lot <3  :( 
  • I just want to say I've set up a WhatsApp group so please message me your number by the 27th and I'll add you in!

    Also for TTC I've found the Love My Dress parenting and baby group really helpful, kind and welcoming! If you join the Love My Dress Facebook group and search in there for the parenting group you can be added by dropping your email to the lady who has posted about it (if you post to all to be added they will also give you the details) but it's really refreshing compared to other TTC forums x
  • Hannah YYWHannah YYW Posts: 126 admin
    Hi everyone,

    We're so thankful for the love and support you've given this forum - it's been our pleasure that you've chosen to use it for so long. We appreciate that a lot of you will miss it, and we hope you will join us over at Hitched to keep on chatting all things weddings. See you soon! x
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