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Talkback: Want Gary Barlow to sing at your wedding? Here's how to make it happen...

I would love to surprise my daughter at her Wedding , and the best one I can think of is to ask Gary Barlow to serenade her at her wedding , like me she adores him we both felt for Gary and his Wife losing their baby but at the same time he managed to put his pain into his music , need I say more the man is our God !!!
How do I go about making this happen , the Wedding is 05/06/2015 at Milton Hill House Steventon Oxfordshire 👰👰👰💍💍💍💕💕💕


  • Does Gary Barlowe stil do this? My daughter is getting married on the 28/09/2019 and having her reception at Elmore court in Gloucestershire.I cannot think of anything more wonderful than having Gary Barlowe surprise her on her big day.
    Is it possible to make this happen?❤️
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