Talkback: Should I get eyelash extensions for my wedding day?

No one tell you all about lashes but also consider that you cannot rub them and may get itchy due to the dust accumulation between them. If you pull them your lashes come with it and is very painful. To remove them go to a saloon but be prepared to have a lot of pain in the bottom line of the lid as the product get into your eye and is like acetone as is a solvent. I have them for 4 weeks and needed to remove as the started to be itchy non stop. Also you cannot shower properly and may need the first days to shower as a blind person until you get used. Do not use mascara is so hard to remove or better to say can't be removed as every time you touch them they are so hard and hurt you. If one gets into your eye feels like a rock as they are thicker than yours. Do good research before getting them as they are expensive.


  • I love eyelash extensions and would definitely get them. No worry about them falling out and providing you get them done somewhere decent you won't have the problems mentioned above. 

    Never pull them out! They will fall out with the cycle of your natural lashes. 

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  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    I had LVL lashes for my wedding, not extensions as such but did something amazing to my lashes They lasted for weeks afterwards too.

    I had eyelash extensions a few months ago for a holiday and I will never, ever have them again. The removal process was awful (like being flicked in the eyeball with an elastic band which took a while to wear off) and afterwards I was left with hardly any natural lashes left - even though I hadn't pulled any of mine out either deliberately or accidentally when I had the fake lashes on. It has taken a good 2 months for my lashes to start looking normal again. I went to a reputable salon and paid £45 for them.

    In future if I want fake eyelashes I will just use the strip ones and apply them myself and take them off at the end of the day.


  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,012 New bride

    I want eyelash extensions for my wedding as I'm doing my own make up and can't get on with normal false lashes. However, I'm aware that there may be problems with them and I may not like them. As such I am having a 'trial' run 10 months before my wedding! If I love them, great. If I hate them then my lashes have time to recover before my wedding. Worth trying though.

    Edit: although I am tempted to just try LVL first!

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  • Semi permanent lashes WILL NOT cause damage nor cause you to lose your natural lashes if applied correctly by a QUALIFIED LASH TECHNICIAN with the correct adhesives and quality lashes!
    As a highly qualified technician, my advice to all my clients is to take care of your lashes after application as this is so important in order to retain retention.
    - Wash your lashes regularly (baby shampoo will do)
    - Comb through your lashes (this WILL NOT PULL your lashes out, if the adhesive is of quality and your lashes are cured correctly this should not happen.)
    - DO NOT play with, pull or manipulate your lashes!
    - Use oil free make-up remover only! (Oil will work against the adhesive.)
    Although this seems like such lengthy aftercare advice, it is WELL WORTH it for the results of semi permanent lashes - they do look AMAZING!
    For those considering them, I am a mobile beauty expert based in London.
    Follow me and connect @FACEDATELONDON on instagram, facebook & twitter.
    07757443119 for more
  • I've been doing 1 on 1 lashes for over a year and a lot of my lady's are coming since then and there lashes are just as good as day 1. Once there applied correctly and kept dry for at least 24 hours along with using no oily products they not damage your own lashes.
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