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Talkback: BRIDE WARS: Changing Your Surname – an archaic tradition or the done thing?

I have had my last name now for 42 years and my son also shares my last name. To get rid of it I feel would be strange after so long, so because I couldn't make up my mind I have decided to hyphen mine and my soon to be husband. That way my son still has a name connection, I dont loose my identity and I still have my future husbands. My fiancee bless him asked if I wanted his to match mine and Im still considering that. Why not in this day and age be totally equal.


  • I have been married for 18 months and with my husband for 9 years. The only place I have officially changed my name is on our joint account and on my car insurance. I am in my 6th year of training to be established in my field, my degrees are in my maiden name and I believe my achievements should be too. They are accomplishments that are all mine, yes with his support but still my hard work. I work with offenders so I feel I benefit from having two names because I can use my married name on social media and maintain privacy from them. So basically I'm interchangeable for when it suits me. I go with Ms for when I'm using my maiden name and Mrs when I'm with my husband because I'm proud of that achievement too. And yes, I'm a feminist - mine name is as important as his, we are equals. When I get to it, I'll probably change my driving licence to his name and keep my passport as my name, or visa versa, so that I have ID in both.
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