Talkback: BRIDE WARS: Children at Weddings - a welcome addition or unnecessary stress?

Both my fiancé and I come from large families we have 84 children at our wedding, I couldn't imagine getting married without my nieces and nephews.


  • Welcome addition to ours, it's going to be a fun-filled, family day and evening! My bridesmaid is a 5 year old and there'll be kids from 10 months to teens at the evening do

  • JTQSNJTQSN Posts: 147

    I've let people choose whether to bring their children or not. I included their children on the invite but said it's their choice whether to bring them or not. Some are bringing their children some have decided not to x

  • No way! I want my friends and family to enjoy the day as much as me and not have to worry where the children are, what they're up to and who they are bothering. Plus you can have a good drink, and enjoy some child free time
  • If you decide to include children it's a good idea to plan something simple to keep them occupied. You can hire teepee play corners from a company called Hedgerow Circus
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