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Talkback: 9 Things you need to know Before Wedding Dress Shopping

I brought sensible white pants and matching multiway bra for my dress shopping, but never once felt self conscious about my wobbly bits as the staff at all shops I visited were very professional. Interestingly I had the best shopping experience and found my dress when I went alone as I could think about what I wanted instead of being influenced by other people


  • VicAVicA Posts: 2
    Wedding dress shopping is probably the hardest part of a bride. It is for this main reason why you have to ask for some help from your close friends who can tell you if the dress for your day is really suitable for you or not. As per procustomwriting, wedding is the most stressful event for any couple.
  • caro3caro3 Posts: 2
    My beautiful Daughter is to marry next year. I am disappointing underwhelmed by your suggestion to go alone. If ever you need a second opinion this is the time.
  • Arthur2Arthur2 Posts: 1


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