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Talkback: This Guest was Shamed for Re-wearing her Wedding Outfit

That's totally normal! The only time I would say a guest was dressed inappropriately would be if they showed up in jeans and a t-shirt to a black tie affair! There's nothing wrong with recycling an outfit... clothes cost a lot of money and who knows if that woman could only afford one really nice outfit. That's her call. The bride needs to get over herself!


  • ShariD76ShariD76 Posts: 3
    I'm not even clear here on just who this cousin was! Was the cousin who was rudely quoting etiquette "rules" to the other, the Bride in that affair, or was she "just a cousin" who happened to show up at the same wedding as the "dress recycler" DID? It never says she's also a Bride, nor does it clarify whether she's just another guest. Besides, "dress recycler" said she wore the same outfit to three of the four she attended in total, and only two of THEM were with the same crowd.
    So, where does "Ms. Unmannerly" get off quoting Chapter and Verse as to whom gets to wear what to whose wedding? Why is that HER business? It would never occur to me to dictate who gets to wear what to whose wedding even once, let alone twice to two different weddings! I'd be happy that people who loved me showed UP, as long as all the right things were appropriately covered up!
  • sugarmousesugarmouse Posts: 189

    Where did this come from?

  • Melanie YYWMelanie YYW Posts: 92 admin
    Sugarmouse, the was originally posted on Mumsnet.
  • Alyson7Alyson7 Posts: 2
    I don't give a crap what people wear to my wedding, as long as they're smart!
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