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Talkback: Wearing White to a Wedding: Is it Still Such a Taboo?

In my opinion there are so many colors you can wear on a wedding day that it's a bit stupid to take the risk of offending the bride by wearing white. I think the major issue nowadays is that a lot of girls can't cope with the fact of not being the center of attention for a day. What about the ones wearing revealing dresses, short with a maxi décolleté. How thoughtless you must be to make this faux pas!! The bride knows that nobody will upstage her on the day, but it's just a lack of respect from a guest to wear white. I would never do it!!


  • Katherine66Katherine66 Posts: 1,234

    Its just not the done thing it is very bad man ered in my opinion and just shows how common you are !  Nothing to do with upstaging the bride i think.  


    as for other types of dress that would depend on the type of wedding and vibe i think. I would never wear a short revealing dress to a wedding unless its on a beach!

  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride

    Wearing white to a wedding is never OK. There are so many other colours out there that to choose white points to the fact you are selfish, attention seeking or possibly both. Otherwise why would you do it? This is the bride and groom's day, not yours- pick a different dress. You aren't going to upstage the bride but you do risk offending her, and you will look ridiculous to boot.

  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    Theres a whole rainbow out there, wearing white or cream to a wedding isnt going to upstage anyone but will definitely make that guest look a bit of an idiot.

    It wouldnt offend me if someone wore white, lets face it Im going to look more impressive no matter what 😂 But it just seems a deliberate attempt to get attention so comes across as desperate to me.

  • As long as they aren't wearing a bridal looking dress, any colour is fine with me 

  • PinguinPinguin Posts: 141

    I was going to write 'please dont wear white' and everyone on another forum said 'you cant do that and people know already' or 'if they wear white it wont be a lace ball gown so they wont be mistake for a bride' but at the last wedding I went to 1/4 of guests had white or some shade of white like cream or ivory on and shockingly it was the MARRIED guests that wore white (guess they arent over the fact that their day has passed - having a bit of black lace on or a coloured detail doesnt change the fact your dress is more than 50% white)

    the thing is though im wearing a short champagne dress so anyone showing up in white of any length/style will look rediculous like they are trying to be the bride not just lace ballgowns, when people say 'its ok to wear that white dress because its not bridal' no, no its not white is inherantly a bride colour but there is no one style that is 'bridal' a white playsuit can be bridal, a white sundress can be bridal, a white 2 piece can be bridal etc... just dont wear white (theres litrally a hundred other colours to pick)

  • Laura2303Laura2303 Posts: 2
    My now MIL wore a white lace dress to my wedding (after showing me the pink dress she had bought for it - surprise, changed my mind!). I found out later that it was the gossip of the night... so just don't be THAT guest.
  • PinguinPinguin Posts: 141
    im sorry but no, its self involved to wear white and a wedding is a private party with a dress code like all things in life and you can be refused entry - at a recent wedding many guest wore white, funily they where all married guests and it reaked of 'I had my day and cant get over it' - im not wearing white or a traditional long dress so anyone in white will look doubly stupid
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