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Talkback: Gorgeous Wedding Dresses for Older Brides

love this dress what price


  • Kelly241Kelly241 Posts: 392 New bride

    Where is the original post?

    And what is considered an 'older' bride?

    I'm a first time bride at 39!



    As an 'older' bride to be (in my 40s) I have to say I find this patronizing and a little insulting

  • Melanie YYWMelanie YYW Posts: 92 admin
    Sorry to hear you find this piece patronising Ali S 71; we have plenty of other dresses throughout the site, no matter what your taste.

    We created this gallery as we had a lot of interest in "mature bridal dresses" on the site, so wanted to cater to what our readers are looking for! Obviously no matter the age, everyone should feel comfortable wearing whatever dress they so please.
  • How much is this dress please?
  • Id like more information about this dress
  • Wher can I buy this dress? Or similar? Desperate for a dress for my Feb wedding. 50's and size 16 ☹️
  • Please tell me more about this dress. How much and where from?
  • Could you please give me more information about this dress and where/how to purchase?
  • Can you please send me details of this dress please x
  • Still awaiting an answer on dress no 16
  • Melanie YYWMelanie YYW Posts: 92 admin
    Hi Karen233, if you click onto the image it says where it is from. Number 16 is from JD Williams.
  • Melanie YYWMelanie YYW Posts: 92 admin
    Ladies, if you're after info one where the dresses are from please do comment which number in the gallery it is so we can find out for you. Many of them have the brand within the caption, too.
  • Is this dress still available as I love it. If so, where can I get it as it's not available at JD Williams. Thanks
  • I love number 2 of the collection, it says courtesy of JD WILLIAMS, i have checked this site & the dress is not on it?
  • Melanie YYWMelanie YYW Posts: 92 admin
    Hi Janice-3

    Thanks for getting in touch regarding the JD Williams dress you like - I have just checked with the brand, and it's not yet available to buy. They are getting back to me with an exact date for when it is launching, it will be within the next few weeks, so keep an eye out.
  • Where can you buy dress number 43 in the gallery?
  • Where can I find number 41
  • Melanie YYWMelanie YYW Posts: 92 admin
    @hazel50 Number 41 is by Watters. If you click on the images, it says which designer each dress is by,
  • Beautiful Wedding dresses! I love it:)
  • Why can't I find no 16 on the JD Williams site. I'd really like to buy it?
  • Melanie YYWMelanie YYW Posts: 92 admin
    Hi Anne83, sorry to hear you can't find the dress on the website. You could try calling the brand on 0345 071 9018 to discuss.
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  • Trying to get details of dress 20 . Can't find on website
  • I love this dress do you do it in a 20 and how much
  • Melanie YYWMelanie YYW Posts: 92 admin
    Hi Rachel436, sorry you can't find the dress on the website - please give them a call on 0871 231 2000 to discuss.
  • Melanie YYWMelanie YYW Posts: 92 admin
    Hi Shirley-3, which number in the gallery is the dress you'd like to know about?
  • Sue90Sue90 Posts: 1
    Hi. I can’t find dress 28 on the Ian Stuart website. Any idea where I can find it please
  • No 15 via JDWilliams I can't find it on their website can't you tell me who it's made by?
  • Sheila25Sheila25 Posts: 1
    Can you still purchase this dress?
  • Margie2Margie2 Posts: 1
    How can I find dress 16, not on website
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