Talkback: Would you do a pre-wedding shoot?

This is getting popular and I myself did exactly this in Alicante last year. They just loved the thought of beautiful wedding photos by the beach in stead of in a field at their wedding venue. I think it is a great idea if budgets can stretch to this.

This is just one of the images from last years Alicante trip, I must remember to update the blog on this.



  • I personally wouldn’t. As you said, it’s great for couples with bigger budgets, but I‘d rather spend my money on other things. Obviously the photoshoot wouldn’t be on the day of the wedding so you‘d also have to pay for hair and makeup on top of additional photography. Plus, if it’s before the wedding, your groom would see the dress before the day and the dress itself would probably need a dry clean (depending where the shoot was), which is yet another cost. 

    The fact that the groom would see my dress before the moment I walked down the isle would mean I wouldn’t have one, even if money wasn’t an object. 

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