Talkback: This is How Much the Perfect Honeymoon Costs

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  • That average of £2.2K must be per person surely?  

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  • You can't get a 12 day honeymoon to anywhere on that list for £2.2K. 

  • It seems about right to me. Everything they say in that article broadly follows what I've seen on this forum and it's a report of survey findings, not a decree.

    Honeymoons are personal and, of course, you can spend a lot less. You can also spend a lot more.

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  • TeamJamiesonLowe wrote (see post):

    You can't get a 12 day honeymoon to anywhere on that list for £2.2K. 

    LOL my thoughts exactly. We got quoted between £8-10k for the two of us for two weeks the Maldives! And don't even get me started on how much it costs to get to Bora Bora!

  • I know what you mean Ali, I don't like the tone of these articles either.  The only thing required is 2 witnesses, someone to marry you and, if you have guests, a chair for each of them and food/drink appropriate to the time of day and length of reception.  I hate those lists that tell you how much to spend on favours and bridal party outfits.  

    The article could be renamed "here is what the average couple spends on honeymoon".  And it isn't 2.2K if they are going to the Maldives.  

  • LizzieBHLizzieBH Posts: 196

    The survey was about what your dream honeymoon would be, though, wasn't it? So if we're talking imaginary perfection then it could be six months on Necker Island for £500!

    People might be prepared to spend £2.2k, but I doubt any of them have actually done any research on Bora Bora.

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