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How much for a piper, Scotland?

MrsTil08MrsTil08 Posts: 2,066
Hey ladies, hope u can help me! How much do u thnk it would cost to hire a piper? I don't want him the full day, only for the ceremony. What do u think? And any recommendations?



  • Hi there

    Our piper is costing £120 that includes piping as guests arrive, piping me in and out and playing throughout photos and then piping top table in.

    I am using Pipinghotbagpipe services. You can google!!

    Good luck

    DDD x x;\)
  • fionaallen2fionaallen2 Posts: 562
    Where abouts Scotland are you?

    We are paying £60 for piper to play me in and out of ceremony and during photographs
  • JannelleCJannelleC Posts: 1,113
    I have heard anywhere from £50 (depending on where you are) to we paid £250 to get Spud the Piper. There's a huge amount of difference even in one area of Scotland.
  • kaz1801kaz1801 Posts: 619
    We're having a piper before I arrive and piping me in and us out and up to the top table, this would normally cost £100 but as we know him he's charging £50. I've heard of others charging between £50 to £200? just depends who you ask!
  • fifi0529fifi0529 Posts: 1,225
    £180 for ours. He pipes for scotland so is very good. he pipin as the guests arrive, outside during the photos and piping us into the top table.
  • Rhiannon83Rhiannon83 Posts: 177
    i think it really depends where you live.

    we only want ours to pipe the guests in (about 30mins) so he's only charging us £60 (our venue is a bit out of the way). he was recommended to us as he is the friend of a friend.
  • Our piper is costing £125 (we're in Fife) and he's really flexible and will do whatever we want. Planning to have him playing outside when guests arrive, during the drinks reception and into the dinner (I think) hmmmm think I need to plan this a bit more lol.

    My aunt and uncle are composers/classical musicians so they are playing in the venue while everyone is seating and us up and down the aisle so we have to fit in the piper in around them. He's a jolly old guy that seems pretty laid back though!
  • ACHILLESukACHILLESuk Posts: 640
    where in scotland r u?

    we are using scotia pipers as thats the only place we found to have our date available. in fact getting a piper has been our biggest challenge so far! we're gettinh wed near edinburgh in june next year! i think, or google it!

    the prices start at £150 for full highland dress!

    hope this might help!

    lou xx
  • 2012Bride2012Bride Posts: 318

    Ours was £100, he was there to pipe our guests into the venue, he came and piped me in & down the aisle and then piped us (and our guests) around the building for photos. He then played in the background while we had photos taken (it was amazing). 


  • Hey 2012Bride, where did you find your piper, if you don't mind me asking? 

  • MurphySGMurphySG Posts: 103

    glad I found this thread! I have been debating getting a piper just for a little bit at some point as a surprise for my (scottish) H2B but being English I have no knowledge of what to ask him to play and how you work out if someone is any good or not.  We are in London and I did a google a week or so ago to check I could find one - there are a few. I also had this mad idea of asking the bloke who I see practicing his pipes in the local park every now and then whether he plays at weddings.

    If you have any tips I would be really grateful!

  • MrsM2014MrsM2014 Posts: 223
    Hi MurphySG. I am in Berkshire and my h2b is Scottish as well. we have booked a piper for our wedding next summer. He is costing us more than those up in Scotland but he is a Pipe Major, ex Scots Guard, and has piped at state banquets and also been the lone piper at the Edingburgh Military Tattoo, so we decided it was worth spending that little bit more. (I left this for my h2b to deal with and is a surprise for our guests)

    He is costing ??295 and for that he will pipe when our guests arrive, me down the aisle, during the ceremony, back up the aisle and throughout the afternoon. You can find him here. He covers London as well.
  • pay anything under £100 and you are garented a crap piper. Visit he played at our wedding and was amazing he let us pick any tunes we wanted play throughout the day and made me feel at ease before I went in to the ceremony.

  • Hi there as a Wedding Piper in Scotland I just thought I would give you a little insight into the wedding pipers role. The piper will fit in with your plans and will always be ready and willing to discuss all your needs and offer advice, if required.

    Now in regards to the big day, you may just want the piper to play as your guests arrive at the ceremony or play the bride down the aisle. Additionally you may wish the piper to play as your guests exit the church/ceremony, play as your guest arrive at the reception, during photos, as your guest make their way to sit at the reception and/or as the bride and groom make their big entrance at the wedding breakfast.

    So the piper may play a small role, playing before or after the ceremony or may have a larger role and may play at various points through out the day. As a result the more you utilise the piper, as you would expect, with any service, the more you might pay. Some pipers offer different Wedding piper packages for budgets. That being said when booking, you have to remember that what your paying for is, all the years of practice, maintenance of the instrument/clothing and travel and also a wage. You also have to bear in mind that due to their commitment to you (even if only for a short time) the rest of their day is effectively defunct.

    You may be lucky enough to know someone who may give you a freebie or reduced rate, if so go for it. However I would say the very minimum you should expect to pay would be £100-125 and that would be for basic before and after the wedding ceremony package with minimal travel for the piper. At the top end I would expect to pay anywhere up to and around £180-£300 depending on what your looking for in terms of piper involvement. The very top end price would provide entertainment throughout the day at all key parts of your wedding e.g. Piping for guests on arrival at the ceremony, Bride piped down aisle, piping after ceremony, piping on arrival at reception, during photos, maybe also small pipes included, piped into wedding breakfast, pipers toast etc.....Have a great wedding and if your in Scotland and looking for a piper, look me up

  • my husband plays pipes and charges aroundabouts £130 depending on how long the gig is, hes not very good though youve got to be careful not to hire a crap piper, ask for a cheeky preview of his pipes

  • Hi ladies, I was just wondering, as it's coming up to Christmas, how much it would cost me to hire 11 pipers? Please reply ASAP it's urgent. image

  • ian12ian12 Posts: 11

    Hi all Scottish, English and Asian brides to be. Interesting reading how people think of pipers and a good reply from the wedding piper. The only and most important point was missed by everyone, is that you can get a good piper for under £100, just depends on requirements. You have to listen to them in person, otherwise they may not turn out be as good as you expected to say the least and out of tune. You go in person for everything else, so go and see the piper, they don't live on the moon ! Nothing more annoying than a piper too lazy or tone deaf to set up and tune his pipes, can spoil everything. If you want to be sure without listening, pick a solo piping competition winner say within the last seven years. They are the ones who can play to impress instead of annoy. Still don't believe me, type in Google BAGPIPE MALFUNCTION  you will find every piper is either better or worse than the next and its so easy to tell. They are all different. You decide, its your money, even though its probably one of the cheapest things to get for your wedding and can be the most effective if you get it right. If you need any help. 




  • lynn8lynn8 Posts: 1

    If you are looking for a piper in Scotland.. look up Traditional Piper Lanarkshire on Facebook he is the best we have found & reasonable priced with very impressive background & experience. Would highly recommend.

  • Hi, 

    I currently offer my own bagpiping service, which caters for a variety of events, including weddings. 

    If you require a piper for your wedding day, please have a look on my facebook or website, both linked below.


    Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. 


    Many Thanks


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