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Am I eligible

Please Help as I do not have a clue if I am entitled to marry in the church i would like?

I was christened in the church I want to marry in and my parents still live round the corner from it, but i have not been to church there for quite a few years. What would i have to do in order to be able to marry there?

Any ideas welcome, Thanks


  • ariesgirlukariesgirluk Posts: 965
    mrs gregory 2b,

    I am writing this on the assumption that you want to get married in a Church of England Church. If not, then everythign I am about to write doesn't apply to you.

    At the moment unless you live in the parish or you are a regular worshipper there you are not entitled to marry there, unless of course you tell them that you live with your mother **cough cough **. Be wary of this approach though because they may check the electoral register as proof of your residence.

    However, the good news is that this is all about to change in October this year and you can get married in the church you were christened in or where your parents/grandparents live or you have lived in the past for at least 6 months.

    So it seems that it all depends on whether you can wait until October to set your wedding date!! Good luck xxx
  • kayj74kayj74 Posts: 90
    Hi mrs gregory 2b

    I'm getting married in my old parish church. I was christened there too and my mum still lives in the village. I rang the parish priest and he said it would be fine.

    We went to see him and when he took our details he put my address as my mums and my h2bs as the house where we both live.

    So I would ring the parish priest and have a chat with him?

    KJ x
  • 141Bash141Bash Posts: 500
    You can be added to the electoral roll of a church that is not your parish, that's what we did as our actual parish church is not the one we wanted to marry in. The church we are getting married in is nearby but we do not come under its parish. So we had to attend the church at least twice a month for six months, and then were able to join the electoral roll of the new church. Our banns are being read at both churches though. It's more difficult if you don't live near enough to go to the church regularly.
  • tonistubbstonistubbs Posts: 229
    we're getting married in the parish that H2B was christened in even though we dont live there. His parents married there and all his siblings were christened there. The vicar said that this was a good enough 'link' to the church to allow us to marry there. All she had to do was take an address for H2B of someone related to him that still lived in the village (we gave his unlce address). My address was put down as the address that we both currently live at, the vicar knows we both live together, but they have to have an address for the parish the church is in.
  • We are getting married in a church that is about 10 miles from where we live. We have no connections with the village other than we love the area. We contacted the vicar of the church and explained that we wanted to marry there and asked whether she would consider marrying us. She invited us around for a chat and explained that there are rules about where you can get married (this was last October). She finally agreed that if we became regular worshipers for the 6 months leading up to the wedding then that would be sufficient - but she only asked us to attend once or twice per month which we thought was not too much to ask. Anyway we actually started to attend immediately and were welcomed by local regular worshipers and have enjoyed attending.

    We have just attended our local parish church services to hear our banns being read and our local church is fantastic, the congregation is mainly young people with children and they too have welcomed us with open arms. We will probably continue attending our local church after the wedding.

    Lisa xx
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  • william1ukwilliam1uk Posts: 79
    We had exactly the same worry. I would suggest firstly speaking to the parish vicar, sometimes they are really cool and will let you marry there with no strings attached. Other's may let you marry if you attend church regularly for maybe a few months prior to your wedding. Others (like ours) will ask you to apply for a special license (£140). Your circumstances are exactly the same as ours so there should be no problem in the license being approved.

    Do be wary about leaving it till the law changes later in the year though. If like our church it is very popular and sought after due to location, business, etc. the church still reserves the right to refuse your marriage or make you apply for a license.

    Hope this helps and best of luck!
  • SarahMor84SarahMor84 Posts: 1,493
    We are getting married in a church that is not local to us (RC church), I think that the only thing the priest wanted to make sure was that at least a close family member attended and lived in the Parish (my mum still attends).

    I was also quite worried because even though I previously lived in the area (for 7 years) and preiviously attended the church I was not sure if we would be able to get married there.
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