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Well i just recieved emailed confirmation for our privisonal booking for our ceremony on 24/04/2010. Anyway i always assumed you had to give notice together in order to answer questions about each other??

Anyway as we don't live in the same area we've been told to give notice at our local offices within 1 month of 24/04/2009 or we will lose our date, is this normal?? I assumed you could give notice at anytime prior to ceremony minimum 15 days before??

Any advice


  • tuppenceuktuppenceuk Posts: 5,346
    we got married in a non c of e church, so I can answer about the giving notice bit, though not the registrar booking part.

    you give notice in the district in which you live. if you live in different districts, then you give notice in different districts.

    isn't such a big deal though, as they usually take you in for the appointment separately anyway, so you wouldn't be doing the actual giving of notice together.
  • VassVass Posts: 535
    H2B and I gave notice together but only because we live in the same place. We did it all in front of each other, it was very straight forward and quick.

    Places seem to do it differently. I guess if they know you want a specific time and date they want to confirm it and get you money! We did ours just less then 12 months to go, just to get it done!
  • sorry can i just be really dull and ask what giving notice is ... is it like the reading of the bands where they put up a notice with the intention of the couple to marry? am i being really blonde here!!!! lol sorry to crash the post.. thank you x
  • Yeah giving notice is that monroejones, they display your intent to marry in the registry office for 2 weeks.

    We gave notice a couple months ago and we are getting married in may, im not sure why you have been told to do it by that date but if you just do it then its done and another job out of the way, it lasts a year.
  • thanks linziclaire lol i felt really stupid then! so mrsc2b2010, what questions are you having to answer? we dont have to do anything like that! x
  • mcartoonmcartoon Posts: 1,383
    We have the same thing with Westminster Registry Office as its such a popular venue and we have to give notice within a month so we are booked to give it this Friday and we get married in May. One thing out of the way at least!

    I think it's just to confirm that you want to get married and actually know each other, are British citizens, residents etc. We had to answer most questions on the phone like DOB, contact details etc and its just confirmation of that, you need a passport and proof of address and that is it. been told it takes no time at all.

  • BevversBevvers Posts: 650
    We are going to give notice 3rd january & are not getting married until November. We could not provisionally book the time & date of the ceremony until we had made the appointment.
  • MrsHobbesMrsHobbes Posts: 1,762
    We are getting married in Jan 2010 but have provisionally booked the registrar too. We got our form through and we just have to take it with us when we give notice. You can't give notice more than a year before your wedding and less than 15 days before. So we can give notice any time after 30th Jan 09. On our form it sayd we need to give notice by 28th Feb 09, I assume we risk losing the date if we don't do it by then.
  • MunroJones ... sorry i just assumed after reding other posts weeks back that you had to answer questions on each other! Think i'm wrong and we just must then have to confirm our names, addresses etc etc
  • We've just been for ours to get it out of the way, we were told we had to go together, but maybe that's cause we live together?
  • mcartoonmcartoon Posts: 1,383
    Yes, if you live together you go together as you reside in the same county/borough but if you live apart you go where your local registry office is.

  • Shelley31Shelley31 Posts: 1

    Hi girls!

    im looking to book my wedding Asap but don't even know where to start! Family are no help and the Internet makes it sound so difficult! Help?! 



  • missmarvelmissmarvel Posts: 219

    firstly decide what kind of wedding ceremony you want, church ceremony, civil ceremony at a venue or a registry office and also decide on a budget. There's no point looking at a £12k wedding venue if your budget is £6k for everything. 

    when deciding on a budget I wrote down everything I wanted to include but then prioritised them to determine what I considered really important (say photography and food) and what was a nice to have but not important (some decorations and photo booth) that helped decide where the funds were split. 

    Church weddings

    from there you'll need to decide which church you want to get married in and contact them to find out what requirements they have. Some wish you to attend classes before they will marry you, others just require attendance at services etc. 

    Civil ceremony 

    you have 2 options, registry office (simply ring up and book the date and time you want) or a civil ceremony at a licenced venue, check council websites for a list of venues that are licenced. 

    once have your ceremony chosen, you'll need to think about reception venues (unless you have a ceremony at a licenced venue and hold it all there). book appointments to go and see the venues and discuss what you want included in your big day. 

    You'll also need to give notice of marriage at your current local registry office. This is only valid for 12 months though so if you aren't plan in a wedding till July 2018 you can't I've notice until July 2017. give the office a call and they'll let you know what you need to bring and book An appointment. 

    Once you have your venue and ceremony booked it is time to decide what else you want to include, photographer, videographer, cake, catering , DJ or band etc. 

    Once the main parts (ceremony and reception) are booked I've found most other bits fall into place. 

    Hope this is what you were looking for. 

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