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Getting a friend to become a registrar?

I'm sure I read a post on here recently about being able to get a friend made a registrar so that they can perform the ceremony.

Does anyone know where I can get more information about this?


  • WheesieWheesie Posts: 846
    A registrar is employed in a full-time job by the county council or London Borough. Unlike the US, it can't just be done online. The only way your friend could become a registrar is if the district where you're getting married advertises for a new registrar and they're successful in the application process.
  • Coconut2011Coconut2011 Posts: 3,752
    Well I'm not sure what I looked at then - maybe you can just get a licence to perform a wedding or something?

    I wish I could find that post!
  • You can in America, not in this country. Or there would be nothing for registrars to do!!
  • Hello, I am a registered in the USA, a minister to marry couples. Will it still be legal if I perform a marriage for my friends in the UK ? I am not sure how to go about things to find out ! Thank you very much !
  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253
    i am pretty sure it wont be, its got to be an official registered in the council area. ive heard people say that they have had a quick thing just them and parents first thing in the morning at the registry office and then gone away, put on their glad rags and had a symbolic ceremony in front of everyone which anyone can do
  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848
    Maybe it was someone who was in the US who posted, agree with what's been said, you have to be employed by the council in that area, you can't get a licence like you can in the USA
  • Hi, Nats is quite correct.  More and more couples want a ceremony that is unique to them, but registrars and the church have certain legal constraints and follow a set framework.  If you decide you want something a bit different you can be legally married quietly first and then have a full ceremony, with a professional celebrant, according to your wishes, and in places where you don't require a licence e.g. in the garden at home!  

    Very best wishes to everyone for your weddings, I hope they are as special as you dream they will be.

    Chris (celebrant)

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