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..breaking tradition

i will start this with some background info first ,i grew up in care so i dont have any family, i have been with my h2b for 13 years now ,im very close to h2b mum and dad infact they care for me as if i was one of their own (infact i speak to them most days ,see them 4or 5 times a week and we go away with them every year .so i was going to ask h2bs dad if he would walkk me down the aisle ,ive asked h2b and his sis and bros and they all think this is an amazing idea .so i was wondering whats ppls view is on this ? im a little scared what other ppl at the wedding will think x image


  • mrshelen74mrshelen74 Posts: 9,282
    hun i had my youngest son walking me down the aisle (he was 11) oldest son was bestman (13)

    You cna have whatever day you like, plus i think thats a great idea
  • thankyou xx
  • I think that's a really lovely idea and I'm sure he'll be extremely touched and honoured by it.

    Sounds like you're marrying into a wonderful family.

    Hope you have a perfect day x
  • that sounds lovely and what an honour for you father in law, i def think do whats right for you and not to worry about everyones opinion, im sure they will all think its brilliant. my son (6) was the best man at my wedding-he was too scared to give me away as we first planned, we had afew strange faces when we told people, but on the day it was truely perfect and everyone agreed it was lovely. enjoy your day, you only get to do it once. image x x
  • MaylanMaylan Posts: 9,604
    Absolutely a good idea image He's the father figure you have, and you want him to walk you, then ask him image It's really sweet!

    Someone I know (the groom) walked into the church with his future mother-in-law, as his divorced parents were having a row, and he just would not put up with their petty behaviour. It was perfectly fine image

    You have the chance to honour who takes care of you and treats you well. Go ahead image
  • I agree with everyone else - it is a really lovely idea. i am sure he will be so happy to be asked. Also, if you are worried at all about what other people think - just DONT. have a look at this post on RocknRoll Bride. I saw it today and it is really helpful on that front!'n+Roll+Bride)

    i hope you have a lovely day x
  • It's a lovely idea, and it's showing you really want to be part o f your H2B's family.

    in the book of Common prayer (even the 1662 version) it says that you can be given away by your father or friend, so anyone can give you away.
  • cath7673cath7673 Posts: 195 New bride
    i think that sounds wonderful as it sounds like you have a lovely relationship. my son(9) will be giving me away and we are both so excited! its your special day so sshould be done in the way you and your H2B wants!
  • Louise266Louise266 Posts: 367
    i think it sounds like a lovely idea!! Go for it, dont worry about what others think, its you're big day!!

    Louise xx
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