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Any Catholics living together had any problems with their priest?

Hi girls, we're getting married in a church which isn't in my local parish. When we got engaged and spoke with the priest who was marrying us we werent living together at the time so gave different addresses but I moved into H2bs flat the following week lol.

The problem now is that not only do I have to speak to my own parish priest to make preparation arrangements but also there is a new priest in the parish we're going to be getting married in so feel a wee bit nervous about it all! When I emailed the priest in my own parish I mentioned that 'we live at this address' as I didn't want to lie and when I wrote to the priest I put both our names and address at the top of the letter - I dont know if its a case of what they dont know being ok as opposed to telling them that you live together?!

Anyone else been in a similar situ?


  • MagicCatMagicCat Posts: 522
    We didn't have any problems with our priest, we both lived together and hubs is a Catholic and I am not. There were four couples at our marriage prep classes and all of them lived together I think, one couple even had children. I think most priests are quite relaxed about this now although they might not admit that to the pope!
  • Great, that's what I was I was hoping for - thanks MagicCat image
  • lucy_lu83lucy_lu83 Posts: 2,484
    We didn't have any problems with ours either, we'd lived together for 5 years before getting married. As MagicCat said, they're a little more relaxed about things now.
  • NM2012NM2012 Posts: 152
    Same here. We had to write our addresses on our application form so wrote the same one for both of us and the priest didn't mention it.
  • I wrote down my parents address for me and our flat address for H2B as our Priest is a stern type.

    I think normally it is ok but I do know a girl who had to get married in a different church as the Priest refused to marry them in her own as they lived together!
  • Great thanks for that girls! Here's hoping we'll be ok image
  • GoldsGirlGoldsGirl Posts: 497

    Just thought i'd let you know that we had our first meeting last night. He didn't even bat an eyelid when i said i lived at the same address! Good times! xxx
  • SarahMor84SarahMor84 Posts: 1,493

    My priest did not seem too worried when I gave the same address for H2B and I. I think he may have been more worried in making sure we actually had a connection to the church rather than being some randoms (we live in London and the church is in my home town - my mum regularly attends so I had to get her to introduce herself so he knew we were genuine).

    I think it is practial and normal for couples to live together before they are married so I think priests now a days are more accomodating to that.
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