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Signing Register music

We have a song we want played while were signing the register, however the church is only a very small village one and they have no sound system. Im worried a CD player would sound echoey, and I have no other ideas. Can anybody please help me?

I suppose I could hire someone to sing it?

But I like the original, but it is the words that mean the most.

Eeeee panicking now, 5 weeks to go!!

Help please?


  • Does the church have a choir - maybe they could sing it?

    Or if not, contact your local performing arts college - they might have some students who could sing it for you - students will do most things for money!! XX
  • Have you actually heard a CD player in the church? If not, that would be my first port of call. See if you can convince the vicar ro let you in and seee what it sounds like, or ask him what other people have done in the past.

    If you are asking people to learn and perform a piece of music, you need to do it sooner rather than later.

    Good luck!

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