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Order of Service - Catholic Church (no Mass)

Can anybody help. I get married in five weeks. I've been trying to contact my priest to discuss what happens in a wedding service so I can do my orders of service. I keep getting told someone will ring me back...they haven't!!! My friend who is singing for us has just spoken to him to see about practicing in the church and been told he's not even doing it! Anyway does anybody have a template so I have some idea. I want my friend to sing during the signing of the register but also want a hymn for the congregation to sing, will there be time. I have three friends who I want to be involved by doing a reading will this be ok as long as they are short/ one reading split to be read by two people? Can anyone help?


  • You really need to get a proper outline, its pretty long and complicated even without the mass. Also there are 3 readings as standard, so you are in luck!
  • You might be best off going to see the priest in person. Is there an organist at the church? You should contact them to arrange the music. No point picking a hymn if they can't play it!
  • McGee2BeMcGee2Be Posts: 171
    Thanks Ladies

    I finally managed to get hold of the priest and go on Moday night!
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