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Wedding Blessing??

Hello Ladies,

Wonder if any of you can help me! My parnter and I get married next June and are having a civil cermony due to my partner not being baptised, anyway the question.

Would we be able to get our wedding blessed in a catholic church, the reason I ask is, I am catholic (although not practicing). Sadly my nana passed away last week and we had her funeral yesterday, she was very religous so we had a catholic service, after the service my partner and I were talking about how much it meant to her about us getting married in church and as we are unable to get married in church due to my partner not being baptised I wonder if it was possible to still have the marriage blessed?

It also mean's alot to me to have the marriage blessed, the catholic church where I wanted to get married means alot to the family, my dad and uncles were baptised there, my parents were married there and me and my siblings were also baptised there and it was my nana's church!

I no I am rambling but any suggestions


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