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Honest opinions - what do you think of our vows?

Hi ladies,

Well, after meeting with our registrar and having our vows all sorted, we were told that we couldn't have them as they were too similar to a church ceremony vows and we weren't allowed any religious connotations at all. So, we've had to re-write them and just wanted to know what you thought of them.

A bit of background to us.... I've been married before, very briefly and extremely unhappily and H2B is a first-timer. We're having a civil ceremony followed by a wedding blessing and these are the vows for the civil ceremony.

We wanted nothing to soppy, poetic or abstract - just something simple that said what we felt. Do you think we've hit the right note or are we way off????

Please help!!!


I call upon these persons here present

to witness that I ________________

Do take you ___________________

to be my lawful wedded ____________

my partner in life and my one true love.

I will cherish our marriage

and love you more each day than I did before

I will trust you and respect you

loving you faithfully through good times and bad

regardless of the obstacles we may face together

I give you my hand and my heart

from this day forward

As long as we both shall live.


  • I think they're beautiful. They say everything that needs to be said and as long as they're said from the heart, that's all that really matters.

  • 7banana77banana7 Posts: 675
    I think that sounds lovely! It covers everything you should wish to promise beautifully. I love the "I give you my hand & my heart" part.

    I'm in the same boat as you. Am currently going through the process of trying to get an annulment (previous catholic wedding). We're booked for a civil weding in 2009, and if the annulment comes through, we'll get our marriage blessed & recognised in the catholic faith too.

    There is a religious reading that I love, so was hoping to have another reading that I've found online, which I thought was very similar - I hope the registrar doesn't tell me I can't have it!

    Anna x
  • MrsSP73MrsSP73 Posts: 353
    Brought tears to my eyes Emmy, they're really beautiful.
  • ImpatientUKImpatientUK Posts: 1,660
    i agree - they're lovely.
  • They're perfect! Very beautiful. We are having a church wedding but have written our own, and we have a few of the same words in there as you do. Its great to be able to say exactly how you feel!
  • voltsvolts Posts: 121
    They're really lovely x
  • Well done, Emmy! They're lovely.

    Joy xx
  • scoobydoukscoobydouk Posts: 1,500
    AWWWWW Emmy, they are really beautiful, made me well up and thats something ,as Im normally really hard faced !!!!!!!!
  • They are very very nice. Very simple but very strong in meaning and sentiment. I'd say they're perfect. Well done - not an easy thing to write and get right!

    h xxx
  • jojo1651jojo1651 Posts: 989
    i agree too, i think that they are perfect
  • they're beautiful - perfect

  • Sarag66Sarag66 Posts: 374
    really moving - wonder if there will be a dry eye in the house!!

  • Emmy your vows are beautiful. Welldone, I just wouldn't have the capacity to do my own, i'd end up blabbing on. Very to the point but in a sensitive, loving way. Awwwwwwwww!
  • Emmy i love them! bit teary now.......
  • emmalouisetemmalouiset Posts: 1,291
    Thanks for the lovely comments ladies. Got an e-mail back today from our registrar who said they were lovely and actually said "well done"!!!! Am so pleased now - one problem though.... i can't get to the end of them without sobbing!
  • They are beautiful x x x
  • ELWukELWuk Posts: 462
    simply beautiful
  • They are lovely. as long as they are from the heart then you have nailed it. Well done
  • sarah222sarah222 Posts: 113
    ahh thats so sweet, still trying to decise on mine

  • Perfect! Hxx
  • aww they are lovely!

    I am really struggling with vows to be honest ... i am having humanist wedding and the celebrant advised our vows could be a poem then the legal bit after but i dont want anything to cheesy or that includes the word 'lover'!! sorry i have a thing about it - too embarrassed to say it in front of parents!! i know ... pathetic!

    I also worry that a poem is too long and that i cry or laugh my head off (like i did when h2b proposed!!!) through it. God i am sounding really immature now!! ha ha

    You have inspired me to go away and think about putting some words onto paper as yours is just so beautiful!

    well done you and good luck xx
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