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Church vs the photographer

I've got my photographer and videographer booked and want lots of pics of the big day. Went to see the minister last night and he said he would prefer NO pics during ceremony. By ceremony he means as soon as we get into the church up until we leave. Nearly stopped breathing as paid deposit on both photographer and videographer and REALLY want pics to capture the service. Have him agreed to a pic of H2B me and minister doing our vows. Is this normal???? I was wanting pics to capture the whole day. I think if we had no church pics a big chunk would be missing from out album. Basically he doesnt want lots of snapping throughtout, but i would like a couple of pics. Anyone else encountered similar?


  • Hi weeprincess08, I think that it is pretty normal - sil2b got married in a civil ceremony in July and their photographer wasn't allowed to take pictures until they were signing the register. x
  • Could you try explaining to minister that it would just be one proffesional who would be discreet and not loads of different people happy snapping?
  • Hi Mrs D 2 B, glad to hear its not unheard of then. I just automatically thought i'd be able to get a few snaps here and there. Minister is only doing it for our benefit so we can enjoy the day with no pressure of posing but never heard of it before!

    Gemliz23, Ive managed to get the minister to agree to one pic but might spk to photographer and see what our options are and see if he can take a few quiet sneaky snaps, hee-hee, without being too intrusive.

    I dont want loads of pics just one or two, surely!
  • Oh dear I would be gutted! I would speak to him and arrange some sort of compromise - it is your wedding after all. Perhaps tell him you will tell all your guests not to take pics, so it will just be the one photographer taking some pics. Tell him you want to capture the moment you say your vows on film...

    Hope it works out xx
  • deecydeecy Posts: 7,493
    This is fairly common, if you would really like some photos of the ceremony whilst it goes on get your photographer to stand at the end of the aisle and take log shots with you two as the focus. Or as Lyndsey says a shot from above in the gallery. Neither of these will cause any interference with the ceremony and can look stunning.

    The vicar may be concerned your photographer might use flash, ask them. They shouldn't need to or expect to so reassure the vicar. If you can get him to change his mind (and this will depend on how badly you want these pictures) try and get him to agree to walking in, exchanging vows, exchanging rings and the kiss as the maximum allowed.

    The vicar may also only be happy with one person up front, Photographer, or videographer so decide which is more important don't leave it to the day.
  • Don't worry!! Our vicar is the same and we told the photographer but she said that she stands at the back clicking away! She uses a digital camera and doesn't need a flash!!!! Have a chat with the photographer and see what they suggest!
  • morning!

    probably best having another word with the minister. there's a difference between prefer not to and absolutely forbidden! Depends on the type of camera your photographer has. Ours is silent and therefore we won't hear a thing. some are incredibly noisy. check with your photographer (that's the first thing i did as i knew our priest can be awkward!) for the sound of the camera and if it is a silent one, go back to the priest and try your powers of persuasion! explain how the ceremony is obviously the most important part of the day and therefore you'd really like a photograph to reflect this moment. perhaps even come to some sort of compromise where the photographer only snaps away during a snap shot of your vows or the second the priest says i now pronouce etce if you think about it, when he says kiss the bride, everyone claps which will be really noisy so why would it matter if the photographer was there?

    best of luck and try not to give in too easily! I wouldn't have thought the vidfeographer would have any probs as they are usually unobtrusive.

    let me know how you get on!


  • lakarakalakaraka Posts: 3,628
    Hi hun... I was a bit upset at first when our vicar said they don't allow the photographs taken during the ceremony.. I was a bit miffed about it at first but when she explained her reasons I kind of agree with her.. The ceremony is about you two, you are saying your vows and being blessed in front of God so that is only your moment. The camera in your face might distract you/h2b/vicar a bit.. The vicar said if we wanted some photos of the ceremony we can act it out afterwards... putting the rings etc..Walking down the aisle and out is no problem, so is the signing the register, it's only the actual ceremony..

    It is a bit sad that the ceremony won't be on film but I am sure if the videographer sits in front and films it they would not have any problems with that, would they? as longs as he/she is not in the face... xx
  • Pr1nces5Pr1nces5 Posts: 2,581
    Our vicar will not allow us to use photography during the service but we can video subject to a fee. He will let us mock up pics after the ceremony if we want but from what I hear the ban on pics is a standard thing. x
  • ck579ck579 Posts: 294
    I hadn't even thought about this at all but just read all the stuff the minister gave us which says if they want to take pictures during ceremony other than signing the register they have to speak to minister first. We are seeing her again a week on monday so will ask then but she is pretty laid back, all I would really want is a pic of exchanging rings.

    However my step sister got married a couple of months ago in a catholic church and they have loads of official photos during service even when people were doing readings.
  • As a photographer this is the usual routine...

    very often we cant take picsduring the ceremony...8/10 times in factg. some churches charge for pics during the ceremony! and thats just the way they operate.. which i totally think is out of order...but there again....there are work arounds.

    after the signing you are allowed to repose the moments. even the priest is normally happy to pose ....a good photographer can talk and ensure he captures emotion of themoment.... ok so its not THE moment... but it is the moment after! the same church the same priest etc etc...the other thing is some churches do not allow flash photography.. i have a good set of lens... that.. should there be good enough lighting in the church i can take photos withouth the flash. so its worth clarifying that as well... Hope this helps a little...
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