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Giving Notice - How Long to Wait?

How long did people have to wait for an appointment to give notice once they requested one? This coming Monday will be 12 months to our big day but as I haven't booked venue yet or confirmed with registrar that they can do our date, I haven't made appointments to give notice. Someone once told me that it took months for an appointment date to come through so now I'm worried that we're not going to have enough time, or that we might lose our date.


  • clujucluju Posts: 2,843
    I was talking to my local registrar this afternoon, my fiance lives in scotland and we're getting married in england both places have different rules about where to give notice so we were trying to get it all sorted. I digress from the point I get married I just under 7 months and they told me that I didn't need to worry about making an appointment just yet if I wanted that I could leave it for a bit if I wanted to. They didn't seem to think it's be a problem at all. In Scotland you can only give notice 3 months before you get married anyway. If I were you I'd book the venue and registrar for the date then worry about giving notice. Though as you're within 12months you could just make an appointment (if you're in england) you have to give notice 15 clear days before you get married so I wouldn't worry yet
  • nic_linenic_line Posts: 412
    i called up to sort our notice out 12 months before our date and they told me to phone back 6 months before instead.....
  • i called my registry office last month and penciled in the wedding date, they gave me an appointment for the 13th of just a couple of weeks x
  • we had to give notice in the area we live to confirm the date and time as soon as 12 months came up cos we had getting wed in a different area and needed to confirm with them!

    gave notice in july 07 for wedding in june 08!!

    every area is different so it will be best to check!!

    Sian x x x
  • Black-RoseBlack-Rose Posts: 4,305
    We are getting married 9th August 2008. On 9th August 2007 I rang the registry office to say I wanted to get married and give notice. They took all the details over the phone and they sent a letter out to confirm it all. When I received the letter just a few days later I had to ring our local registry office to make an appointment to give notice which we did on the first Monday in September. This notice lasts for 12 months but if you change venue you have to start all over again giving notice again. So if you aren't sure of your venue don't give notice until you are because it costs £30 each so you could be wasting £60 if you have to change. On the other hand if you do wait you might not be able to get a registrar for your date or time because they get booked up which is why I did it as soon as I could - no use having a venue and no registrar.

    With only a year to go I would get a venue and a registrar booked quite quickly (we've had our venue booked for 2 years already).



  • i got venue to pencil in date first then phoned registra to get them to pencil me in 12 months to the date (they sent lketter to confirm this) then i booked venue and paid deposit. then we made appointment to give notice (only took 2 weeks) then i got letter from registra to say it was all booked. so its all sorted. when i started i was so miffed what the easiest thing to do was but if you can get things held for you it makes it easy!

    my friend and her partner decided last week to get married and they are giving notice in 2 days time as they want to marry by the end of the month!
  • krugie28krugie28 Posts: 487
    I think it must depend on your particular regisrty office. We're getting married in hartlepool at a catholic church and the registrar said we had to go 12 months before. we're getting married 7th june 08 and had to give notice before 7th july 07

  • natjonnatjon Posts: 357
    I gave notice about 12 months or just under to the wedding date , didn't have to wait long for an appt but we did provide wedding date and venue.
  • PixlePixle Posts: 70
    We got engaged New Years day 2007! We both wanted a summer wedding but felt summer 2007 was too soon. So decided to get married summer 2008. We started our search for our perfect venue, and after several weeks of looking we finally found the one! We asked the venue their availability for a Saturday wedding in July/August. Pretty free at the time. Straight away phoned the registrar office in that district to enquire about their availability. Several saturdays were already booked up, so had a choice of several days. So picked Saturday 2nd August 2008!! Registrar penciled in this date, and I paid deposit to secure our date with venue. Notice of marriage is valid 12 months from when you give notice, so made an appointment with our local district registrar in September and gave notice. It's the most important thing to do so best to do it as soon as you can. Booking the registrar is crucial, they get booked up pretty quick. You may find the perfect venue, but no registrar to marry you when you want. Summer's get booked up quickly too. Good Luck.
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