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Rose ceremony


Is anyone having a rose ceremony at a all?

We're Catholic and having a full nuptial mass. I am going to ask the priest this week if we could include a rose ceremony as i have just read about them on a website and think they sound lovely but just worried as not religious or traditional... I also like the lighting of unity candles so might go with that instead...

K xx


  • sezmouksezmouk Posts: 221
    what is a rose ceremony?

    i'm catholic too, but my cousin is a bishop and he is marrying us so i think we'll be able to have what we want within reason of course!

  • i????m having a civil wedding with a blessing and during the blessing we????re going to do the sevice of light i think its a beautiful symbol. why not do both although i don????t know what a rose ceremony is i????can????t wait to look it up.
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